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Video: Andrew Christian Peep Show

Andrew Christian Peep Show

Music: "Shiny Tech II" Kevin MacLeod (incompetech.com) Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0 http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/3.0/

Models: Sean Zevran, Cory Lee, Brandon Brown, Brandon Wertz, Colby Melvin, Daniel S., Jake Andrews, Jose Valvadia, Phillip Fusco, Quinn Jaxon, Sean Paul Lockhart

Also Featuring:


Quinn checks out the Andrew Christian security cameras and finds a house full of men. Check out what he discovered in this voyeuristic video.


Jose Valvadia

Sassy Attitude

Peep Show: Brandon Wertz #1

Brandon Wertz #1 Camera

Peep Show: Philip Fusco

Philip Fusco Camera

Brandon Brown

Masculine & Level Headed

Philip Fusco

Fitness Model

Peep Show: Cory Lee

Cory Lee Camera

Sean Paul Lockhart

AKA Brent Corrigan

Brandon Wertz

Packing Heat

Peep Show: Jose & Josh

Jose & Josh Camera

Daniel S.

2012 Model Contest Winner

Sean Zevran


Peep Show: Colby & Brandon

Colby & Brandon Camera

Peep Show: Sean Zevran

Sean Zevran Camera

Colby Melvin

Cute and Popular

Peep Show: Jake Andrews

Jake Andrews Camera

Jake Andrews

Angelic Features

Peep Show: Brandon Wertz #2

Brandon Wertz #2 Camera

Peep Show: Sean Paul Lockhart

Sean Paul Lockhart Camera

Quinn Jaxon

All Around Nice Guy

Cory Lee

Great Attitude

Peep Show: Daniel S.

Daniel S. Camera

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