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  • Designer Andrew Christian

    Head of the Family

  • Topher DiMaggio

    Always on TOP

  • Pablo Hernandez

    Nice guy with a wild side

  • Murray Swanby

    Fun & Spontaneous

  • Cory Zwierzynski

    Small-town Sweetheart

  • Peter Le

    BLOW! Boy

  • Ryan Rose

    BLOW! Boy

  • Sean Zevran

    BLOW! Boy

  • Diego Sans

    Our Brazilian Bombshell

  • Jacob Ford

    BLOW! Boy

  • Landon Conrad

    BLOW! Boy

  • Kevin Benoit

  • Cheddy Oakafor

    Sizzling Six-Pack

  • Rocky Santos

  • Steven Andrade

  • Brian Prince Roman

  • Jimmy Fanz

    BLOW! Boy

  • Jonny Manzanares

  • Eric East

    BLOW! Boy

  • Timmy Thok

  • Cory Lee

    Great Attitude

  • Raymond & Richard


  • Cirio Arman

    Caliente Fever

  • Jake Houser

    2013 Model Contest Winner

  • Johnny Rapid

    Super Cute

  • Noah Wright

    Perfect Selfie Expert

  • Jon Varak

    Those Eyes!

  • Caesar Pacheco

    Will always say YES!

  • Giacomo Rainone

    Multilingual Globetrotter

  • Christopher Clark

    AKA James Ryder

  • Shawn Stolz

    Happy & Pleasant

  • Little Andy


  • Stephen Snider

    Heart of Gold

  • Jeffrey Hawkins

    Twerking Expert

  • Derek Allan

    Tall & Sexy

  • Dominic Pacifico

    Our resident Andrew Christian DJ

  • Collin Gorham

    Great Guy

  • Vladamir Shmygol

    Go Go Dancer of the Year

  • Nicco Sky

    Flirty & A Hot Bod

  • Jake Andrews

    Angelic Features

  • Ryan Moore

    Favorite Straight Model

  • Quinn Jaxon

    All Around Nice Guy

  • Tate Ryder

    Adult Star

  • Alex Sanchez

    Super Beefy Hunk

  • Daniel S.

    2012 Model Contest Winner

  • Diego Vena

    Adult Star

  • Marcel Cruz

    Charming Smile & Tight Body

  • Brandon Bryant

    SYTYCD Season 5

  • Jason Medina

    Perfect Smile

  • Indar Smith

    Beautiful inside and out

  • Jose Valvadia

    Sassy Attitude

  • Cameron Marshall

    Fuzzy Stud

  • Brandon Wertz

    Packing Heat

  • Michael Silas

    House of Gaga

  • Sam Garfield

    Sweetheart! Glee Actor

  • Philip Fusco

    Fitness Model

  • Sean Paul Lockhart

    AKA Brent Corrigan

  • Justin Chase

    Boy Next Door

  • Phillip Smith

    Sexy & Fun

  • Antonio Biaggi

    Latin Hunk

  • Johna Myers

    Resident Bad Boy

  • Jose Parra

    Sexy Latin

  • Brandon Brown

    Masculine & Level Headed

  • Javier Hernandez


  • Rod Daily

    Internet Star

  • Brandon Howell

    Tall and Masculine

  • Patrick Hartigan

    Actor, Model and Singer

  • Luke Allen

    Tattooed Muscled Stud

  • Colby Melvin

    Cute and Popular

  • Mike Munich

    Singer & Glee Dancer

  • Steven Dehler

    Body, Body, Body

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