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Posted Jan 6, 2015

Paint? Check. Andrew Christian Trophy Boys? Check. What are these boys painting? You'll just have to find out! This time around the boys are having the messiest party with the best outcome: body painting. Watch as these studs take shots, spin the spinner, and up the stakes as they put their best assets to canvas. Nothing is left to the imagination this time, it's bare everything covered in neon paint!

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Written and Directed by: Jeff White
Editor & Assistant Director: Will Schoenfeld
Stylist and Promo Photographer: Erica Dorsey

Style: video-ab-stract

Great, but a question!

by paulbriefs - 10/22/2016
Which style is Topher wearing, please? Can't find it!

Outstanding Presentation! ! ! !

by Charles W - 9/16/2016
I would like to thank AC for giving me so many good fun exciting hot games to play at my house parties. These hot young men really look like they enjoy each others company. The music was on point as always. AC undies are so comfortable to wear at anytime of the day and for any occasion.


by MormonGuy13 - 10/28/2015
Love the boys in this HOT video! Don't know how it could be much hotter.

Hi guys, I am a really big fan of your underwear. Unfortunately I have never seen the boxer Topher is wearing in the abstract video. What is the name of this one and can I still purchase it? Thanks

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