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After School Special (with the Andrew Christian Boys) UNCENSORED

Style: video-afterschoolspecial
Release Date: Nov 20, 2012
Andrew Christian and White Party Palm Springs present "After School Special" The Andrew Christian boys are in trouble once again, but they are not going to let detention keep them away from going to White Party. Join the boys at White Party: Executive Producer: Jeff White Director/Cinematographer: Shawn Aarons Art Director/Unit Photographer: Erica Dorsey Makeup: Dani Mah Hair: Ricardo Lauritzen and Kaio Wilker Special Thanks: Jeffrey Sanker, Phil Lobel, Carmen Cacciatore, Kwanza Jones
"SUPERCHARGED" by Kwanza Jones - (on Facebook) and Available on iTunes
Murray Swanby, Brandon Brown, Brandon Wertz, Cameron Marshall, Colby Melvin, Jason Medina, Johna Myers
Also Featuring:
Pandora Box-Nun
Brandon Wertz-Jock #1
Jordan Shannon-Coach
Johnathan Myers-Bad Boy
Colby Melvin-Prep #1
Jason Medina-Prep #2
Brandon Brown-Jock #2
Cameron Marshall-Art Student
Murray Swanby-Sexy Nerd

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