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Andrew Christian’s “Ball-oon Buster Challenge”

Andrew Christian’s “Ball-oon Buster Challenge”

Posted Jun 28, 2016

Watch Cory Z and Asher bounce it out and see how many whipped cream filled balloons they can pop without using their hands!

Produced by Andrew Christian & Erica Dorsey

Editor: Gabriel Haze


by MA AS - 8/20/2016
Man, this clipping is just too sexy for words. Asher and Cory make one hard and wild and those drill shorts do the trick as do those cream filled balloons! Can't make up my mind which stallion I want 'harder'!
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MMMM.... Cory's sooo HARD!

by LV2B runningBARE db - 7/17/2016
So the boys DO get aroused when filming! You can see clearly the outline of Cory's shaft straining his shorts, o.k so the caption helps bring it to your attention. No wonder he got a hard-on when in such close contact with sexxxy Asher, who wood..n't!! Just look at Asher's reaction as he gazes at Cory's 'manwood'!!! A great vid., why only 4 stars... the guys are wearing undies beneath their shorts, don't know why as they're not see-thru (see my review & comment)
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Wow... Really uhm..... Bad

by MarkDanielUSA - 7/9/2016
I've seen moments of greatness in your videos, but this one pretty much had nothing, nada, zero besides the gorgeous models which is obviously a given with A.C. But yeah, this one pretty much well, the look in the guys faces pretty much says it all, it just, well look, just please try a little harder next time.
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by LV2B runningBARE db - 7/6/2016
So the boys do get HARD when filming!!! Cory's cock is quite clearly aroused! didn't need the caption to see that! No surprise he got a 'hard-on' whilst in close contact with the LUSCIOUS Asher, who wouldn't!! Just to confirm, see Asher gazing at Cory's.....!!!! Only 4 stars? They've got undies under the shorts, don't know why they're not see-thru even when wet! (see my review comment).
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