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Black / White

Posted May 11, 2014

We wanted to show off our artistic range and produce a video to demonstrate our interpretation of classical Greek sculpture; after all we love the ancient Greeks because they did not conceive of sexual orientation as a social identifier as modern Western societies have done. Greek society did not distinguish sexual desire or behavior by the gender but rather by the role that each participant played in the sex act, that of active penetrator or passive penetrated. This active/passive polarization corresponded with dominant and submissive social roles: the active (penetrative) role was associated with masculinity, higher social status, and adulthood, while the passive role was associated with femininity, lower social status, and youth.

Written and Directed by: Jeff White
Assistant Director/Editor: Will Schoenfeld
Stylist and Promo Photographer: Erica Dorsey
Assistant Editor: Christian Dean
Production Assistant: Danny Katz

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DNA Magazine: Made That Way:

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Customer Reviews

Outstanding Presentation! ! ! !

by Charles W - 10/7/2016
I really enjoy watching this creative sensual video presentation. The models display good chemistry and hot energy. The music and choreography were on point. The undies seem to be comfortable and flexible. The only thing I would add is me.


by Darryl9 - 10/6/2016
I haven't bought any your underwear as of yet. The Black & White video was awesome. The slow motion took it to another level. So many videos can be made from this one long one. I loved it. And filming it in Black & White gives it an old gone by era that is still in vogue to this day.
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