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  • Matthew Camp Flaunts it All!

    Actor and Instagram star Matthew Camp has no problem showing off everything he's packing - and for that we'll drop to our knees and open our mouths in prayer... or something. With everything he's flaunting, we can't decide which part of him we want to dive into first! All we know is that we're gonna need a bigger eggplant emoji. 🍆🍆🍆


    Disclaimer: Andrew Christian Inc. does not claim rights to any images posted here. If you find your picture here and would like to have it credited or removed please email

  • Sexual Styles Unpacked: Ball Caps

    You can tell a lot about a guy’s sexual style from their fashion style. To help you cut through the guesswork, we’ve unpacked some summer styles so you don’t have to waste any time sealing the deal. Today's look: Ball Caps!

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  • Video: Nick's Tips to Win the Andrew Christian Model Search!

    The competition for the 2017 Andrew Christian Model Search is getting fierce, so our 2016 Trophy Boy Nick Mascardo sat down to share his top 10 tips to getting on top! Just remember, it's never just the tip...

    Enter our Model Search and you could win $1,000! Get more info here:

  • Workout Wednesday: Pumping Iron

    What better way to get your heart - or whatever body part you want - pumping on Workout Wednesday than a few photos of some sexy shirtless bench presses? Enjoy the view and take as much time as you need to work out whatever you want. We'll still count it as exercise.

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  • Hump Day Hunk: Model Search Contestant José de Pedro

    Get over your mid-week blues with today's hump day hunk and Model Search entrant José de Pedro. With the perfect blend of smooth and scruff, José is a man who knows how to fill out flamingo briefs!

    José entered our Model Search for a chance at $1,000. You can enter too at

  • Tuesday Whore-ascope: Leo's Takes Charge

    Wondering about the future of your sex life? Then look to the stars to find out today’s whore-ascope!

    It’s the start of Leo, so there’s no better time of the year to get down on all fours and roar… just make sure to arch your back. You’re the king of the jungle, so whether you’re the top or bottom, this is the month to take charge of your loyal subjects and show them who's boss!

  • Rock, Paper, Scissor, Spank

    Need to pass the time? Why not strip down, grab a hot friend, and play a classic game: Rock, Paper, Scissor -- but this time with a twist. And the best part about this version is even if you lose, you're still winning. 💁‍♂️🍑

  • Man Crush Monday: Charlie Taylor

    Mondays suck. So here to make it suck a little less (or more, if you're lucky) is today's Man Crush: Charlie Taylor. He submitted to our Model Search all the way from Sydney, Australia. We'd be happy to go down under with Charlie any time!

    Enter our Model Search and you could win $1,000! Go to: for more info.


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  • Twan Kuyper Whips it Out!

    If you don't know who Twan Kuyper is, you do now. You're welcome. He's an instagram celeb and model from the Netherlands and he is drop-to-your-knees hot! Especially after you see his NSFW pic! 🍆🍆


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  • Video: Christmas in July!

    Is the summer sun getting to you? Cool down (or heat it up) with a little Christmas in July video! Watch and feel free to let out your inner ho ho ho...

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