Article by Fiona O'Kearny

The holiday season is an excellent time to show the man (or men!) in your life how much you appreciate all the dick and joy they bring you. If you're looking for a gift that says "I lust you," then you've come to the right place! Here are 10 sexy, steamy gifts you can get him this season.

1. Sexy Buck Buddy Underwear Frame Jock:

These are perfect for when you want to have a quickie on the kitchen table without taking your pants off. Make bae’s life a little less complicated with this limited-edition underwear. They are super comfortable, he’ll feel like he’s wearing nothing at all, and he’ll be even sexier than stupid sexy Flanders.

2.  Condom Gift Box:

Your gift is going to need a box, so why not go for one of our sexy condom gift boxes? You can fill them up with an assortment of condoms and have the main event hiding among the fruity flirty fun!

3. Unicorn Rainbow Socks:

If your guy is too shy for our Frame Jock, but loves a bit of color, why not give them these? You can tell him you’d love nothing more than to see him wearing them and nothing else 😉 You might recognize the unicorn from somewhere else on our site too!

4. This Glam Singlet:

This gift is a little something for you too since your bae is going to look hot AF! This limited-edition sleek singlet will add some spice to your sex life and your man is going to feel saucy as hell.

5. These Universe Brief Underwear:

Tell him he rocks your world with these bum-hugging, package-presenting Universe briefs. Show him that he’s the only man in the world, nay, Universe for you. This limited-edition underwear is sexy, comfortable, and slimming, what more could you ask for? Not to mention the punny opportunities for your card!

6. Gag:

Gags are great for introducing some BDSM into the boudoir. The question you need to ask: Wiffle, ball, or ring? Wiffle makes it easier for the wearer to breathe, but sometimes half the fun is in the chance of asphyxiation. I know my favourite is the ring, since the wearer can use their mouth for extra pleasure 😉 There are so many other options too, research the different gags and see what one you think suits your man’s needs. Better yet, research it together and get the foreplay started early!

7. Butt Plug:

These little butties are amazing. You can get creative; buy matching ones and bring some excitement to your life by wearing them in public. Feels liberating 😉 They’re even more enjoyable in the bedroom while you explore the rest of each other’s body. Silicone is great if you prefer a softer feel, but the cold touch of a metal plug is sensational.

8. Cock ring:

If you like it, you should put a ring on it. Cock rings come in a collection of colors, shapes, and sizes. First thing’s first, make sure the ring fits your partner’s cock (and isn’t too small!). No one wants a tiny ring, big dick mishap. Vibe up your sex life and enjoy what these fun rings have to offer.

9. Tassel Whip:

Pain and pleasure are notoriously linked. Tassel whips are a great introduction into the world of pain. You can stroke them over your partner’s body and let the pleasure tickle over their skin, then, when he’s ready, you can crack the whip lightly wherever he likes to be spanked and watch the euphoria wash over his face. If life is pain, you might as well have fun with it!

10. Sexual favor cards:

If your budget is low coming up to Christmas, celebrate with sexual favor cards. You can personalize the cards to cater your man’s kinks; whether it’s a sensual body massage, a good gagging, or spanking, it’s always fun flirting with your partner by making sexy promises.

You don’t have to get your beau something sexy for the holiday season, but it’s a great way to make such an important day extra special for you and your fella. Remember to check each other’s balls regularly!