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Article by Brittany Hancock

Don’t haunt your visitors with an empty glass this Halloween. Instead, opt to offer creative cocktails to keep their thirst quenched. Your visitors will not only be impressed, but eager to come back next year. Serve up these ten festive cocktails at your party to leave your guests enchanted.

Dark and Stormy Death Punch

This chilling drink combines rum and ginger beer in a swirling taste of the night. First, combine one can of lychees in heavy syrup with about ¼ cup of fresh ginger in a saucepan. Bring the mixture to a boil then set aside for thirty minutes to allow the combination to blend. Next, take an ice tray and place a lychee in each slot along with a maraschino cherry. Proceed to strain the syrup mixture over the cherries, then freeze until solid. Next, you will want to take ¼ cup of sugar and mix with ½ a cup of lime juice. Pour in approximately 16oz of rum and 4 bottles of ginger beer, then chill until cubes are finished. Lastly, fill your glasses with the ice cubes, pour in the rum mixture, and enjoy!

Blood and Sand

Serve up a blood and sand cocktail as a spooky addition to your party this Halloween. You will want to assemble four basic ingredients for this cocktail: scotch, sweet vermouth, cherry liqueur, and orange juice. Take ¾ parts of each, shake it up, and pour the concoction into a cocktail glass. These ingredients are basic but effective in creating a delicious tasting drink.

The Witch’s Heart

This drink is drop-dead delicious with a magical concoction of apple brandy and grenadine. This cocktail starts by placing a ¼ cup of apple brandy and ½ a cup of grape liqueur into a shaker. Place an ice cube in as well and shake until well combined. Pour the mixture into a martini glass and add a tsp of grenadine syrup for the perfect flavor. Optionally, you can add dry ice to the bottom of each glass for a spooky effect. When the drink mixture meets the ice the martini glass will become a witch’s brew.

Purple People Eater

This gloomy cocktail mixes cranberry juice and vodka for a monster buzz. You’ll want to take 1.5 parts vodka, 1-part blue curacao, and 5 parts cranberry juice then stir well. Pour the mixture into individual glasses over ice and add a dash of lime with a ¼ tsp of grenadine. A delectably sweet combo that will leave your taste buds and head spinning.

Bloody Vampire

Rum and Kool-Aid stir together in this terrifyingly good drink. Grab your favorite spiced rum and combine three parts with three parts cherry Kool-Aid in a shaker. Thoroughly shake the mixture with ice, then serve in your preferred cocktail glass. A good cocktail for anyone who prefers a simple taste, but a good kick.

Kill Devil Punch

A Kill Devil Punch will knock the spirits right out of you. Best of all, you can serve this delightful drink right out of a punch bowl, so your guests are granted easy access. Start by grabbing a pitcher and combining 9 parts rum, 6 parts pineapple juice, 5 parts syrup, and 4 parts lime juice. Chill the mixture in the fridge, then add to a punch bowl. Next, add raspberry ice and champagne to the bowl. Finally, you can add lime slices and fresh raspberries to complete the look.

Bloody Mary Cocktail

This classic cocktail is a great addition to any Halloween party. Start by prepping a large cocktail glass by dampening the rim and pressing into a mound of salt. Once the rim has been decorated add some ice cubes. Grab a shaker and fill it with 1.5 parts vodka, 5 parts tomato juice, and a few dashes of Worcestershire sauce. You can also add some additional seasonings such as salt, pepper, and hot sauce. Shake the container until well combined then pour into your prepped glass. Garnish with a celery stick for stirring.

Jekyll and Gin

You won’t know who you are after indulging in this mind-altering drink. With just five easy ingredients you can whip up this intriguing cocktail in minutes. All you need is a drink mixer, 3 parts gin, a little lemon juice, and a tsp of grenadine. Mix the combination well then pour into a glass. Finally, top it off with some tonic water and you’re ready to go. You can opt to add a glow stick as a straw for an added festive effect.

The Zombie

Bring your party back from the dead with an enticing zombie cocktail. This drink consists of 1-part light rum, dark rum, apricot liqueur, lime bitters, and 2 parts orange juice. Shake well then serve in a cocktail glass with ice. Top with a shot of Bacardi, then garnish with a fruit slice.

Cotton Candy Shots

These sweet, yet strong shots will make you wonder whether they are trick or treat. Start your party off right by offering these yummy candy shots. All you need is vodka, tonic water, and cotton candy. Pour an oz of vodka with a little tonic water, then garnish with a sliver of cotton candy.

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