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Although sexuality is a spectrum, many straight men are still shy when it comes to admit that a man that sucked their penis. While many would argue that once a dude has touched your dick, you're not truly gay-- we're not sure we can agree.

We asked 10 straight guys (out of a bunch who said they've never received head from a dude) and here are the top answers of straight men giving into carnal desires.

Christopher, 24,


I was a freshman in college and my roommate was gay. One night I got back from one of those black light parties wasted out of my mind and caught him jerking off; at first I pretended like I didn't notice but then once he kept going I figured 'why not?' he swallowed me and we never talked about it again.

Michael, 26,


When my gay buddies told me about Grindr I thought I would give it a whirl. My girlfriend was away from a long weekend and I figured a mouth is a mouth. I went to him and he sucked me like a hoover and then I left. Was a pretty satisfying experience and none of the weird guilt I had expected.

Eli, 39,


I sought it out. I was in Liberal Arts college and thought "how will I ever really know I'm not gay unless I try it. We met through a mutual friend and he blew me in my car parked a Shop-Rite parking lot at midnight. The best blowjob I've ever gotten.

Riley, 27,


We were coming back from the bar late and me and my buddy were both really horny and he wasn't able to drive. The conversation turned to porn which turned into jerking off in silence; without a word he just went all the way down on my cock and it was probably the best thing I've ever felt just because it was so unexpected. I ended up busting in his mouth before we went to sleep.

Noah, 30,


One time a dude offered to drive me back home from college because we were from the same hometown. Eventually, we got tired and stopped for a quick bite to eat. We had been sitting in the car for what felt like days and I was feeling pretty horny. He asked if I would ever consider letting a dude suck my dick and after talking about it for a while, I agreed. I slept so soundly for the rest of the ride home.

Mickey, 34,


Wasted from a frat party I was trying to get with this girl but she wasn't having it, I was going back to my dorm to rub one out when I accidentally tried to get into my neighbor's door. He opened the door and could tell I look frazzled so invited me inside; one thing led to another and we sucked each other's dicks.

Spencer, 27,


I used to have some circle jerks with a few college buddies of mine. We would get drunk and jerk it to porn. One day one of my jerk buddies was over and we started going at it. He put on bisexual porn and started making jokes about how good it would feel to have a girl on your face and a mouth on your cock...from there it sort of escalated and we 69ed.

Wallace, 28,


The first time I got my dick sucked was at a gloryhole at my college. I had heard about it from a few friends and decided to go check it out. I noticed there was someone in the other stall so I stuck my dick through and it felt like a vacuum was on my cock. I came in, like, 2 minutes flat.

Jeffrey, 33,


My buddy and I were going shot for shot playing truth or dare. He lost, I got some awesome throat.

Alec, 23,


The first time a dude sucked my dick was when four of my buddies were camping and we were hanging out by the fire. My bro said he was going to take a leak, and not wanting to wandering into the woods alone later I decided to join him. He reached for me in the dark and one thing led to another and I was fully in his mouth. We got interrupted before either of us could finish and we've never brought it up.

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