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One Fine Bottle Of Wine/ Liquor

No, I don’t mean Evan Williams whiskey or a three dollar bottle of wine from Trader Joe’s, I mean a refined bottle of gin or a bottle of wine thats older than you. Whether your boss is coming over for dinner, or you’re having a fancy cocktail party, having a fine bottle of liquor at the ready shows you can exercise self control and not drink it the moment it enters your house. It also shows people you’ve left your college, frat-party days behind you for a more dignified life.

A Signature Scent

If your signature scent is Domino’s pizza and regret, its time to upgrade your cologne choices. Having a nice bottle of cologne tells the world that you care about how you’re perceived, and, more importantly, it shows that you want people to think you bathe daily. Go to your local Sephora or Ulta and try out which cologne best suits your style. Are you into musks because you like chopping down trees and grooming your beard? Are you into subtle scents because you want to smell like a guy who will take their significant other to a Carrie Underwood concert because you’re cool? Finding your scent is a lot like finding out who you want to be, which is a staple of any gentleman.

A Sex Drawer

I’m not (necessarily) talking about cleaning out your closet and making it a Christian Grey sex dungeon, but taking responsibility for your sex life if both mature and hot. Even something as simple as making sure you have condoms and lube at the ready in your nightstand screams, “i’m a responsible man who wants to make you feel safe and comfortable!” It also screams that you’re not a college freshman who has no idea what owning your sexual health means.

A Career Goal

Now let me be clear, a career goal doesn’t mean you have to want the 401k and the cubicle in a highrise. There is no career goal that is too obscure or too easily achievable that someone can have. If you’re really happy with managing a pizza restaurant one day, or being a CEO of a fortune 500 company, as long as you have drive you’ll be set. Nothing is more childish than not planning for your future in some capacity. No one can define what success means for you except that it doesn’t involve laying on your couch all day and making no effort to better your life. A gentleman always has a dream in mind, and is always working in some way to make it a reality.

Sexy Underwear

Maybe we're bias, but if a guy is still rocking Hanes in 2018, it is a sign that he doesn't want to invest in his sex life-- and therefore yours! Having a collection of sexy jocks, briefs, and boxers is the ultimate way to remind people that you're so put together you are even put together in the areas not everyone has the privilege to see. If you're looking to complete your gentleman look, make sure you're stocked when it comes to what you're packing your package in.

A Skin Care Routine

Investing in a skin care routine that works for you is vital in becoming a refined adult because in order for people to take you seriously in the board room they have to know you take your self-image seriously. Keihl’s is great for putting out products that are affordable and will make you not look so hungover and tired you look like an extra in The Walking Dead. Invest in a wash/moisturizer combination that works for your complex skin. I personally use a volcanic clay mask mixed with lemon juice once a week to keep me looking like a twelve year old forever, but you know, a refined twelve year old.

Your Own Netflix Account

No more leaching off your parent’s of exes queue, its time to cut the cord and sign up for your own Netflix account if you want to be a refined gentleman in 2014. There is a level of mystery every gentleman should keep, and part of mine is how much Hoarders: Buried Alive I watch on my Netflix.

An Electric Body/ Face Trimmer

Preferably you won’t use the same razor for both your bits and your face, but I digress. A gentleman should feel confident walking into work or a hot date without faces and bumps all over their faces. Investing in an electric shaver means you’ve gained enough life experience to know shaving with BIC razors is so 2012.

Grilling Supplies

Having a BBQ where someone doesn’t do a keg stand has always seemed like the apex of gentlemanliness, so i’ve made it my mission this year to host my very own. Even if you live in an apartment, that’s no excuse to not be a mean lean, grilling machine. They even make grills you can cook inside with, which makes this the perfect year to gather up your friends and show them your steak grilling finesse.

An Open Mind

Okay, this may not be a tangible thing, but its 2018 and some people are still down with being vicious bigots. A true gentleman may not have to agree with every aspect of what society deems “politically correct,” but they do understand that having an open mind is the sexiest thing they could possibly possess. Understanding that people with different sexuality orientations, races, and gender identities are, in fact, people who deserve respect is the key thing a gentleman needs in 2018. Without one, all the cool things I listed above are just nice things a jerk owns.

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