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Article written by Maya Vukovska

“Jeez, I’m officially gay now, and I have nothing to wear!”
We feel your pain. You have just come out of the closet, fresh as a cucumber and ready to blend in, but although this very closet is fully stocked with clothes, nothing seems to be passable. Your new “you” needs a new wardrobe, and that’s not negotiable. You’re thinking shopping, you’re thinking shopping with your female BFF, and you’re thinking “I-wanna-look-like-Tom-Ford-but-even-hotter.” So, what do you do?
Here’s what.

Cashmere is gay’s best friend

We’re not going to put a fast one on you by saying you’ll be just fine the way you are. The truth is that you won’t be the man of any gay’s dreams if you do not owe at least one luxurious cashmere sweater. And don’t dare use the fact that you live in Florida or Texas as an excuse for not buying one!

Forget about the baggy sweatpants

You have a nice butt, an eye-catcher, really, and you must bring it out there for other people to enjoy it. So, forget about your fave pair of baggy sweatpants (or at least wear them only when couch-potating), and get a pair of slim-fit chinos trousers. No matter what kind of shirt you’re going to combine them with, they’ll provide a casual, yet tailored look.

Be a dark angel of lust in dark designer jeans

Light blue jeans are for construction workers, and gays who’re stuck in the 1980’s. Dark wash designer jeans, however, are as fiercely trendy gay as a T-Rex can be. Just ask anyone who’s a regular at the clubs in Greenwich village!

Make a T-shirt statement at the office

It shouldn’t be something flashy. Anything that looks like wallpaper from your Grandma’s home would instantly put people away, and they won’t think of you as just another gay, but as just another sad fashion victim. A regular, non-expensive, tight (!) shirt with a fun print on (could be something up-to-date like “Stay Homo”) is the best-of-two-worlds solution.

Get smart and dress smart

The Corona days will be over sooner or later, and you’ll need to shop for some more sophisticated clothing pieces. A perfect white dress shirt is an excellent start! And the bigger the brand, the better. But don’t worry, you won’t be wearing it only at funerals, weddings and corporate meetings. Actually, a shirt like this can be the most versatile item in your new wardrobe. You can wear it with suits, and with jeans. But no tracksuits, please!

O, Captain! My Captain!

The simple navy blazer is a wardrobe essential every self-respected gay should have. The same is valid also for the peacoat - it’s born of military tradition and is now an absolute classic. Actually, gay men can borrow anything that gets from the military, and it would look absolutely stunning on them.

Be the American icon

The old-school denim jacket is a legend, and when worn with attitude, it’s very James Dean. You know, the good thing about being gay is that you can dress like the ultimate аlpha-hetero male, but look sexier.

Cover the hair for more flare

Let’s be honest, most men would wear a hat either because they’re having a BHD, or because they have no hair at all. Or at least, not on the right places. But you can turn this accessory into a big asset to your overall (NEW!) look. However, you have to proceed with caution because hats can make you look fabulous, or like a regular jerk. If you cannot overcome the feeling of awkwardness when wearing fedoras in public, newsboy caps are a good alternative. Plus, they’ve become very popular among gay men lately. As for the baseball caps, they can add to a nonchalant, sporty look. NB! What distinguishes cute gay men from straight robust sport fans and tractor drivers is that the former take their caps off when indoors.

Listen to Coco and Carson

Jewelry and accessories are the first things people notice about you (after your beautiful eyes and formidable triceps, of course!). But you need to be extra careful when choosing them. Whenever you’re in doubt what to wear and what not to wear, just remember what two wise people of fashion once said.

Coco Chanel: “When putting on accessories, take off the last thing you’ve put one.”
Carson Cressley: “What is worn in Vegas should stay in Vegas.”

As for the foot wear…

Nothing less than urban-style sneakers and Chelsea boots should matter to you! And don’t hesitate to copy Justin Trudeau’s socksappeal! There’s something extremely intriguing and arousing about a guy who’s wearing colourful, offbeat socks beneath his perfectly tailored grey dress pants!

So now you’ve learnt your first lessen how to dress to impress as a gay man. Fitting the gay man’s stereotype may be not a priority, but these fashion essentials certainly are!

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