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It may come as no surprise, but in the pursuit of getting laid, we sometimes tend bend the truth and act in ways we normally wouldn't in order to make a stronger case for why someone should want to touch our naked bodies. If you asked someone if they've ever lied in order to get someone to like them more, almost everyone (if being truthful!) would say yes.

We decided to ask 11 dudes what is the weirdest thing they've ever done in order to get laid, and here is what they had to say. Their answers may surprise you...

Michael, 25,

I one time told a guy I was an active duty member in order to get him into bed with me...definitely not something I'm super proud of.

Joshua, 29,

I once told a dude I was best friends with another famous gay singer. I showed him a picture we had happened to take while we were at the same event. The guy was brand-new to LA and didn't understand the scene well and was clearly impressed enough to go home with me. Afterwards I had to stop taking his calls and texts because he would always want us to hang out with said celebrity in a group and I knew I wouldn't be able to deliver the goods.

Christopher, 32,

The craziest shit I ever did to get laid is tell a guy I was a DJ at a popular club when he was in from out of town. I had to slip the actual DJ a 20 to allow him to let me play one song so it would look like my set was wrapping up when the guy arrived. It unfortunately didn't work because I clearly didn't know  what the hell I was doing.

Oliver, 33,

The craziest thing I have ever done is tell a dude I could get us into an exclusive nightclub on the VIP guest list. I had him wait a few feet back from the doorman and tried every generic name I could until security asked me to leave. Humiliating."

Carlson, 27,


I once told someone that I was an FBI agent undercover investigating a political cover-up. It was pretty easy to get away with, too, because I kept stressing how I wouldn't be able to discuss specifics with the case to anyone-- including them. I definitely think it gave me an edge when it came to getting them into bed; I seemed so mysterious

Mitchell, 28,


Wow, OK, so this isn't something I'm proud of...but I once won a sympathy fuck from a guy I thought was insanely hot by telling him my grandma had passed away yesterday."

Elliot, 34,


I once stuffed my jacket with newspapers in order to look more buff. I really stuffed my pants so it looked like I had an ass. When the time came for all the clothes to come off, I could tell the guy was both disappointed and knew I had padded myself. It was humiliating and he definitely didn't stay long.

Samuel, 22,


I once shaved every ounce of body hair off of me because I had overheard that the guy that I was into at the time was really into smooth twinks. We never hooked up but I felt extremely itchy and foolish for the next few weeks as everything grew back.

Paul, 34,


"Have you ever put on an accent for someone in order to get laid? I tried to put on an Australian accent for an entire night just to woo this dude. Was working pretty well until I ran into an old college friend at the bar we were at and tried to keep up the accent..."

Kyle, 25,


I once told a dude that I was going into surgery next week to donate a kidney to a sick boy in another state so I was trying to enjoy having both for one last weekend and that he should keep me company"

Garrett, 27,


One time I wore colored contacts every day for a week while I was seeing this dude because he said blue eyes were his favorite on a dude. He had no idea I didn't have blue eyes when we met, and they were extremely itchy and painful.

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