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By: Andy Zheng

The guy of your dream, walking down the road with his morning cup of coffee. He doesn’t even have to try and your heart is racing out of your chest. Here are 12 tips to get him to dream about being all over you.

12. Get an even tan


A nice tan shows that you enjoy the outdoors and is a fun guy who enjoys the beach rather than being stuck inside all day. You just want a light tan that is just enough to show off that sexy speedo tan line.

11. Take care of your appearance


To get him to love you, you must first love yourself. Treat your body right by eating healthily, exercising regularly, and sleeping sufficiently. You should also go in public with well-tailored clothes. A man in a fitting suit exudes professionalism and might get him fantasizing how it would be to rip that tie off in private.

10. Be knowledgeable in some area


Know something. Whether it is about wine or technology, having a topic of interest will interest other people. Having expertise in an area of knowledge will not only give you another topic to talk about but also create interest in him because he now knows more about you and wants to get in your pants.

9. Be in his presence


It’s all psychology. The more you see someone, the more you like them. If you want him to slob all over you, just “bump” into him frequently. Maybe he jogs every morning or always gets coffee at the same time and the same place every day. Coincidentally that’s exactly what you do too! It can even be a conversation starter, bringing you on your path to getting in bed with that boy.

Warning: You shouldn’t stalk him. Everything should be in moderation.

8. Have a high-quality smile


A nice smile makes you friendly and an enjoyable person to be around. To make the smile as cute as can be, listen to your dentist and consistently brush and floss your teeth. It might also be worth it to get braces for straighter teeth. These steps will increase your confidence in your smile, encouraging you to smile more. The more you smile, the more friendly and fun you become. It’s just a vicious cycle that makes you more and more desirable.

7. Read


Intelligence is sexy, and reading leads to intelligence. Based on some irrelevant math property, we can conclude that reading is sexy. A friend of mine once recited a whole section of Romeo and Juliet by heart, and he probably got many people’s numbers after that. In conversations, your extensive literature background will inevitably shine and draw the boys to you.

6. Be funny


Humor makes people happy. It also allows them to have a good impression of you. More importantly, it is unpredictable. We, as a human species, tend to like things that are unpredictable. It grabs our attention instantly and make us want to explore it more, so crack some clever jokes and he will want to explore you in many ways.

5. Be up-to-date


Whether it’s the news, sports, or the latest celebrity gossip, being up to date can help you beyond just being a responsible citizen. When you see him, your interaction will be free of those awkward silences. This will give him a better impression of you, thus bringing you one step closer to having another boy wanting to date you.

4. Be confident


Why do we love the bad boys? Because their arrogance comes off as confidence. Confidence shows you to be a strong leader, causing people to be drawn towards you. Your confidence will make people curious about you so you will just have to wait for the boys to flock at your door.

3. Be approachable


We all want our voices to be heard, and when there’s someone who actively does that, you want nothing more than to glue your mouth onto his. So, to become that guy, actively try to include him in a conversation. Acknowledge his nice wardrobe choice or his insightful comment earlier in the conversation. Make him feel important, and he will be coming back for more.

2. Touch him


Physical touch is known to carry many positive effects. Maybe start off with friendly high fives or occasional hugs when appropriate. You can also touch his shoulders to acknowledge him in a conversation or offer to get a piece of hair off of his back. Touch releases all the happy hormones, which makes him feel good and will cause him to associate that happy feeling with you. Follow this tip and it shouldn’t be long before you accidentally wake up with him in your bed.

1. Actively listen to him


Like above, every guy wants to be heard. The best way to let him know that you’re listening is to pick up on signs of what he wants and work towards those. This could mean buying him dark chocolate for his birthday because he mentioned that he doesn’t like milk chocolate; or making sure the waiter doesn’t put ice in his water. The little things like those will make him feel like a queen and will surely have him lusting for you in no time.

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