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Cum is not often associated with the words "delicious" you know unless you love swallowing and are into that sort of thing. According to the Kinsey Institute, which has been a groundbreaking group dedicated to sex research for decades, there are certain foods which can change and alter the taste of your seed.

Generally speaking, fruits and vegetables are good for your cum's taste, while things such as cigarettes and caffeine and drinking (BOO) are bad for the way your spunk tastes.

We decided to ask 13 studs on what they eat to induce swallowing and here is what they had to say...

Rob, 25,


"I know everyone says to do this, but the minute I cut meat out of my diet-- guys told me my jizz tasted infinitely better!"

Stephen, 22,


"Hear me out, but I have some dark chocolate at least twice a week because an adult film star buddies told me that it is high in antioxidants. No concrete proof if its true, but my boyfriend asks me a lot less to cum on his face and chest these days."

Marcus, 25,


"Cinnamon! I add it to any tea, coffee, or other drink I think it could be good with. It is definitely something that scientists say is supposed to help."

Elijah, 28,


"I know everyone out here is going to say this, but it WORKS, pineapple juice. I started incorporating it into my daily juicing and the guys can't get enough of it now."

Brian, 32,


"I don't know if I eat anything that makes my cum taste good, but I do know that stopping smoking has probably helped. Guys are way more likely to swallow me a second time now"

Nate, 40,


"I eat a plant-based diet, and I've noticed since cutting meat out that my cum is thicker and whiter. I never have any complaints from guys as they gulp it down."

Karl, 27,


"I've tried doing juice cleanses and stuff like that, but I think the only thing that has ever made a difference is garlic. Definitely noticed that the reaction to swallowing my nut was different after I started incorporating it into my diet more."

Noah, 21,


"I read once somewhere that spearmint is supposed to help make your load taste better, so I try and have that as much as possible."

Clint, 28,



"I generally try to eat healthy, but a porn star friend of mine told me that fruits are what makes it taste sweet and less bitter, so I always try to hit my fruit goal each day in order to up the chances that the guys I'm with will want a taste."

Mitchell, 34,


"I incorporate bananas into every protein shake I make and make sure I'm adding in extra peanut butter. I don't know exactly if it helps, but it sure does go along with how fruit is supposed to make your spunk tastier."

Paul, 39,


"It is less about what I DO eat and more about what I don't do. I don't drink, do drugs, or smoke anything. Nothing. I drink a lot of water and make sure to get plenty of rest. It may not be the most exciting thing, but I've gotten incredible feedback on the way my nut tastes."

Neil, 41,


"I try to cut back on red meats; chicken is fine! But when you start getting into the beef is where it gets trickier. Try no red meat for a month and have your boyfriend do a taste-test"

Elliot, 35,


"I only drink green-tea-- no coffee. The antioxidants in the green tea make convincing him to swallow instead of spit me so much easier"

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