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It's a new decade, baby! We all have a golden opportunity to reinvent ourselves in the 20s. If you aren't having mind-blowing sex, it's time to get started! So to give you some ideas, we asked 20 gay men from Los Angeles what 2020 means to them, sexually. Their responses... were interesting.

"Roarin 20s? More like sore-in 20s! Boy is my asshole gonna be sore from all the anal sex I will be having." - Jake from Harvard Heights

“2019 was the year of poly. 2020 is the year of monogamy.” - Steve from Westchester.

“No more obsessing with my straight friends. I’ve given up the dream that they’ll magically turn gay for me. But sorry, I’m still going to masturbate to you.” - Nate from Hollywood.

“I will finally fuck a guy with good eyesight. All my past boyfriends have been just about legally blind and don’t appreciate the work I put into my beat.” - Jordan from Kern.

“2020 is probably the year the world is gonna end, so I’m just gonna have as much sex as possible.” - Tom from Koreatown.

“This will be the year that I finally lose my virginity!” - Alex from West Hollywood

“Hopefully Master will let me out of my chastity cage this year.” - Raul from Topanga

“In 2019, diet and exercise bumped me up from an 8 to arguably a 9 or 10. So now it’s time for me to start dating really, really conventionally attractive men.” - Chad from Long Beach

“I suspect that 2020 is the year he finally pops the question to me.” - Doug from Echo Park

“Unfortunately, it's another year of loneliness and masturbation I suspect.” - Ariel from Silver Lake

“I recently discovered that I am, like, really into BDSM. So 2020 is the year I step into my identity as a sub bottom.” - Vince from Downtown.

“2020 is the year I finally get over him.” - James from Compton.

“In 2020 I will finally delete those damn dating apps from my phone.” Toby from North Hollywood.

“I’ve been cultivating a relationship with a lucid dream character. We’re extremely intimate, and I suspect this year I’ll have the first dream where he invites me up to his bedroom.” Eugene from Hancock Park

“2020 is the year I’ll finally confess my love to him, even though I know he doesn’t love me back.” Derek from Studio City.

“I don’t know, I guess my resolution is to jerk off less?” - Joey from the Arts District

“This year will be about rekindling the spark with my husband of many years.” - Auggie from Little Tokyo

“2020 will be the year I finally come out and be honest with myself about my sexuality.” - Matt from Chinatown

“Tryna fix my diet so I can blast thicker ropes.” - Chris from Pico-Robertson

“2020 is the year I finally learn to love myself.” - Stan from Malibu

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