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ac-blogWe hope you guys have been checking theĀ Trophy Boy Facebook page often, because our model search is starting to get interesting as the field gets narrower and the competition gets tougher. All the submissions for Round Two are in, and you guys have been "liking" your favorites throughout the week. We've had a great time getting to know all of our contestants a little bit better, but now it's time to announce the guys who will be advancing to Round Three!

Model selfie 1

Round Three is another video round, one where contestants are going to have only 15 seconds max to make their impression. What's even more challenging is that contestants won't be speaking, either...they'll be dancing. That's right boys! Your next challenge is to make a 15 second video (max) where you show us your dance moves. You can do pretty much any kind of dance to any kind of song that you want, just know that you'll need to accumulate enough "likes" with your video to stay in the game...

Before you guys start shaking your moneymakers, there's a bit of housekeeping. First, we're going to be posting these videos on the Andrew Christian Instagram page. That means that you guys will have to be wearing some sort of pants or shorts (preferably with no logos) in your video. Don't get us wrong, we love seeing you guys dance around in your undies. Unfortunately, Instagram doesn' get mad at them. Second, videos are due by Tuesday, October 8th, at 5:00 PM Eastern, 2:00 Pacific. Third, be sure to email the actual video clips to [email protected] by the deadline along with your Instagram username (so that we can tag you). Finally, while the deadline to submit is next Tuesday, you'll definitely want to submit sooner rather than later. Contestants with the most "likes" will be moving on to the next round, and the sooner your video is up, the more time it has to gather up those votes. So yeah, get those booties shaking and those cameras rolling, boys!

Now to announce the people moving on to Round Three! Contestants who managed to accumulate more than 100 "likes" for their video (as of this afternoon) are advancing. So if you see your name and selfie below, you're in!

Adam Adam
Andres Andres
Anthony Anthony
Austin Austin
Billy Billy
Brad Brad
Cameron Cameron
Colter Colter
David J David J
Din Din
Eduardo Eduardo
Evan Evan
Gunnar Gunnar
Jacob Jacob


Jake H Jake H
Jason Jason
Jhonaten Jhonaten
Jon Jon
Matt Matt
Michael and Zach Michael and Zach
Mike G Mike G
Mike M Mike M
Ricky Ricky
Seth Seth
Steven Steven
Thomas Thomas
Xandy Xandy
Zach Zach

There were 40...and now there are 28 (29 if you count both twins). Best of luck with Round Three, gentlemen!

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