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AC is on the hunt for a new model!

perfect selfieBy now, we’re sure you’ve seen our 2013 Andrew Christian Model Search, currently underway on the official Trophy Boy Facebook page. For the second time, AC is giving aspiring exhibitionists a chance to experience the fun, prestige, and adoration that comes with being one of our models.

The photo submission round has finished. We had so many awesome entries this year, so the competition was absolutely fierce. The “likes” have been tallied, the comments have been read, and we are ready to announce the contestants for Round Two! Round two is the first of multiple video rounds. Contestants will be required to submit a video, showcasing their personalities (while wearing their AC gear, of course), and answering the following questions.

- What's your name, age, and where do you live?
- It's Friday night! Where are you and what are       you doing?
- What's something that somebody won't be able to tell about you just by looking?
- Describe your penis with a movie title.
- Bang, Marry, Kill with AC models: Jon Varak, Murray Swanby, and Noah Wright.

Videos are due by October 1st at 5 PM, Eastern Time (2 PM Pacific). Send them to [email protected] by the deadline. Remember that the whole point of this video is to show yourself off both physically and personally (just make sure your stuff is acceptable for social media). We'd also like it if you guys kept your videos under 2 minutes.

Right, so without further ado, here are the guys advancing to Round Two! Break out your cameras, boys!

Aaron Aaron
Adam Adam
Adrian Adrian
Andres Andres
Anthony Anthony
Ariel Ariel
Austin Austin
Billy Billy
Brock Brock
Cameron Cameron
Chris Chris
Colter Colter
Connor Connor
David J David J
Din Din
Eduardo Eduardo
Evan Evan
Fabian Fabian
Gunnar Gunnar
Jack Jack
Jacob Jacob
Jake H Jake H
Jason Jason
Jhonaten Jhonaten
Jon Jon
Justin Justin
Marlon Marlon
Matt Matt
Michael and Zach Michael and Zach
Mike Mike
Mike M Mike M
Mitchell Mitchell
Ray Ray
Ricky Ricky
Ryan Ryan
Seth Seth
Sky Sky
Steven Steven
Thomas Thomas
Xandy Xandy
Zach Zach

and finally, the finalist who managed to get the most “likes” on Facebook...

Jake Jake

Congratulations, guys!  Best of luck with your videos! We can't wait to see them!

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*** Andrew Christian Inc. does not claim rights to any images posted in this blog post. If you find your picture here and would like to have it credited or removed please email [email protected]

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