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November 2013

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  • Andrew Christian Boys Sweat It Out In 'Yoga For Bros'



    With the weather cooling down and the Holidays fast approaching, gay men across the country say goodbye (for now) to their skimpy swimsuits and hello to their warm winter sweaters. Worse yet, the Holidays mean lots of get-togethers and lots of eating, which can devastate the waistline. But our AC boys are always looking their best...and their secret for staying trim during the chilly winter months is Hot "Yoga for Bros". And of course, when we mean "hot" yoga, we of course mean the guys. But that doesn't mean that we don't also turn up the heat, forcing our boys to strip down and get wet in order to try and cool down.

    DSC_0106This is Andrew Christian's tribute to a gay house music classic anthem, "Call On Me" by Eric Prydz. If the outfits and dance in this video look vaguely familiar, then you've probably seen the music video that helped make the original song famous! Of course, we've taken it upon ourselves to give the original concept a gender flip-flop. Now, one lucky lady (played by the lovely Shangela of RuPaul's Drag Race fame) gets to sweat it out with a room full of half-naked AC boys.

    Thanks in part to a great soundtrack by Pump Audio, "Yoga for Bros" is sure to get your toe tapping and your head bobbing. So sit back, and enjoy the banging bods and infectious beats! Watch it after the jump!

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  • Cher with an Andrew Christian Twist!



    For decades, Cher has been winning fans over with her jaw-dropping array of talents. While most pop "divas" fade away from the limelight after some years, Cher's career has kept going strong. She keeps killing it album after album and it seems like she's almost allergic to slowing down.

    Needless to say, we were already jamming out to one of this pop queen's latest singles, "Take It Like A Man", for some time now. Imagine our surprise, though, when Cher herself posted a certain video on her Facebook page. According to her status, "some friends" took the 7th Heaven remix of "Take It Like A Man" and edited together a few of our videos to accompany it. To be exact this video mash-up splices together footage from "Miami Car Wash", "Overboard", "Twerk Off", "Slippery When Wet", and our first ever viral video: "Freshman Car Wash".

    9321 (13)We're not exactly sure who she means when she says that "some friends" put the video together for her. Some people out there seem to think that those "friends" were working for us. Rest assured, we were just as pleasantly surprised as everyone else. That is not to say that we wouldn't gladly do something like that, though. As a matter of fact, Cher, say the word and you can have a custom-made AC video mash up to any song you want.

    We are very honored, though, that someone out there lumped us together with Cher in the same thought, much less the same video. The fact that we've been mashed up to such an awesome dance track just adds to the awesomeness. When we first caught wind of the video, we knew we absolutely had to stick it on our front page. We've pretty much been playing the video here at our office on a loop nonstop ever since it was released, and we just can't seem to get tired of it. We hope you guys feel the same way too!

  • Meet Our 2013 Model Search Winner!

  • The Cinnamon Challenge (with Noah and Jeffrey...IN VEGAS!)

  • Someone's Getting Naked! Is It Murray Or Pablo?

    DSC_0581By now, we hope you've subscribed to our YouTube channel, which now features brand new videos every single Monday. Not only is there a new video each and every week, we're also posting exclusive content you won't see anywhere else...not even on our own website! Plus, they're videos that encourage allow you, the fans, to interact more with our models with submissions, questions, and requests for new challenges.

    Murray-Pablo-NakedOne perfect example is our most recent video, the "Someone's Getting Naked" Challenge with Murray and Pablo. Ever since we started asking for suggestions, you guys have been asking to see two models do this challenge. You asked, and we delivered...with two of our most popular models no less! Needless to say, you guys know how to ask for good videos, because this one is equal parts hot and hilarious. The only thing better than watching them joke back and forth is watching them get undressed one clothing item at a time.

    So if you haven't already, take a look at the video below. And if you have a suggestion for another great challenge to make the models do, throw it in the comment section!

  • We Won! We Won!

    For those of you who don't know already, Queerty, one of the most popular gay sites on the web, does an annual "award ceremony", paying tribute to all of the highlights (and low points) of the past year. These awards, called the "Queerties", are presented in categories like "Next Big Queer", "Bad Boy Lust Object", "Top Jock", and "Closet Door Bustdown".

    Andrew Christian was recently recognized with one such award, the award for "Twerker of the Year". We're not saying that this is a huge deal, but we did beat out the likes of Miley Cyrus and the Jonas Brothers. That's deserving of a hair flip at least...

    DSC_0755Really quick, we'd like to say thanks to everyone who worked on the video behind the camera, and everyone who werqued on the video in front of the camera. We'd also like to thank Queerty for the nomination, and the fans for all their love and support! We can't think of a better way to celebrate than to revisit the video that won us the award in the first place: "Twerk Off". It's not just a celebration of the's a celebration of Trophy Boys and all of the reasons why we love them. And what better way to celebrate than to get up close and personal?

    So yeah, let's all celebrate by watching the boys twerk some more. Speaking of trophies, do we get one? Or what about a cash prize? Hello? Anyone?

  • Watch Jon Varak Take It All Off

    Ever since our first "striptease" video with Noah Wright, we've been itching for a chance to get intimate with some of our other models on a one-on-one basis. Lucky for us, Jon Varak was more than happy to oblige us, and gave us a slow, sensual striptease that titillated in the best way possible.

    Of course, we don't just keep gems like this to ourselves. Hotness like this should always be shared and appreciated by as many people as possible! Still, the intimate, one-on-one nature of the video lets you feel like you and Jon are alone together, and that he's performing this sensual little show just for you. And who wouldn't love some one-on-one time with Jon Varak? Anyone with a pair of eyes and a love of the male form can certainly appreciate looks like his.

    Check out the video after the jump, and just try to not get turned on. We're pretty sure that it can't be done...

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  • Q&A with Vladimir Schmygol

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