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December 2013

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  • The 60 Second Costume Challenge with Topher DiMaggio

  • Test Your Model IQ with "Two Truths And A Lie"

    ac-blog It's not a secret that being an Andrew Christian model means keeping up an impeccable appearance and a great body. But these boys are much more than just pretty faces with nice sets of abs. That's why we've been giving you guys some quality time with our models with our web series "Andrew Christian Unzipped", where the boys complete challenges, answer questions, and complete requests from you, the fans! DSC_0420Now, with the newest "AC Unzipped" video, "Two Truths And A Lie", you have the opportunity to get to know the models more intimately than ever before. The only catch is this: you have to work for it, and separate fact from fiction. In "Two Truths And A Lie", several of our AC boys list off three statements about themselves, two that are true and one that's not. Statements can be just about anything, and cover everything from models' birthplaces, family lives, wild escapades, and sex lives. But how to tell what's true and what's not? It's not as easy as you might think. As it turns out, a lot of these boys have really great poker faces... "Two Truths And A Lie" features a pretty wide sampling of models: from fan favorites like Topher DiMaggio, Pablo Hernandez, Noah Wright, and Murray Swanby; to new faces like Seth Treston, Cory Zwierzinski, Giacomo Rainone, and 2013 Model Contest Winner Jake Howser. Watch the video below and put your guesses in the comments section of the video. Then check back later this week and see how many answers you got right! Continue reading

  • Two Truths And A Lie

  • The Baby Food Challenge (with Topher DiMaggio)

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