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Okay, boys, it's 2020 and if you're still recklessly entering into kinky bondage scenarios with anonymous strangers you met on some 90s HTML website, then girl slow your roll!! Hookups are fun, safety is ever hotter! So here's your daily reminder that playing it smart is sexy. Follow these six steps and every hookup is guaranteed to have a 0% chance of ending like a horror movie!

1. Run a background check

Listen, I'm not saying you need to run his credit score and stalk the Tumblr page he ran in high school, but a quick Google can do wonders! At the very least, this can prevent you from getting catfished. There's no harm in finding out a little about who he is outside of a dating app.

2. Bring protection

Obviously, you should always have condoms, lube, etc. with you if you're planning on meeting for a hookup. But I'm here to say that bringing protection sometimes means bringing pepper spray! Kinky, right?

3. Meet in a public space

If you ask him what's a good place to meet up, and he says behind the bushes under the Queensboro Bridge, then that should be a red flag! Best practice is to always meet in a public location. And that's not just for for exhibitionists---witnesses are a good thing!

4. Let a friend know

It's always a good idea to tell a friend some of the details before going gallivanting around with a stranger. Just in case anything happens, your pal can help nip it in the bud!

5. Don't carpool

Carpooling is good for the environment, but bad for safety. Take your own car, rideshare, or public transit. Getting a ride in his car before you've even met can be a bit sus, even if it is a hot rod...

6. Stay sober

Finally, getting fucked up is always the enemy of making good decisions. A little social lubricant is fine, but keep your wits about you as you get to know him! There's always time for play later on... ;)

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