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Article by Emma Murphy

The leaves have started to change color and the days are getting colder, which can only mean that we’re entering the spookiest time of the year. That’s right, we’re in the month of Halloween, which means fabulous costumes, eating an unhealthy amount of candy, and getting scared silly.

To help you enjoy October 31st, we’ve sourced 24 hours of the best horror content featuring LGBTQ+ characters to take you from witching hour to witching hour. And yes, we definitely recommend inviting over someone that you want to cuddle up to.

00.00: B&B

This premise behind this horror film feels uncomfortably real. A gay couple are refused a double bed when they stay at a Christian guesthouse and they take the owners to court for discrimination. They return to the B&B to make a point, but events take a sinister turn when another guest arrives.

01:27: Hellbent

What’s Halloween without a slasher movie or two? This flick features openly gay lead characters, drag queens, and the advice not to handcuff your partner to the bedposts when there’s a killer on the loose.

02:52: Lyle

This modern-day lesbian retelling of Rosemary's Baby focuses in on a heavily pregnant woman who blames a supernatural force for the death of her toddler, but could her grief have pushed her over the edge?

03:57: A Nightmare On Elm Street 2: Freddy's Revenge

The second installment in this horror series, Freddy Kruger is back terrorizing teens. The main character Jesse is widely believed to be coded as gay because he lacks interest in sleeping with his girlfriend and wakes up with night sweats (a symptom of the AIDS/HIV virus that was prevalent at the time).

05:24: Stranger by the Lake

Franck meets Michel at a nude beach and quickly becomes crazy about him, even lying to the police after he sees Michel drown a man. Now, we’re forced to wonder, whether Michel will kill Franck too, to ensure his silence.

07:04: High Tension

Marie is staying the weekend with her best friend (and crush) Alex and her family, but when a serial killer arrives at the house, it seems impossible that anyone will survive the night.

08:39: Drawing Blood

This book is a psychological thriller that centers on Trevor McGee as returns to his abandoned childhood home to confront the guilt at being the only member of his family that wasn’t killed by his father. There he meets, and begins a relationship with, Zach, a bisexual computer hacker on the run from the FBI.

11.39: Let the Right One In

People are disappearing in a small Swedish town and bodies are being found drained of their blood. Despite the obvious dangers, a human boy called Oskar finds himself falling for a femme-presenting vampire named Elli; a boy who was castrated before being turned into a vampire.

13:34: Tom at the Farm

Ad exec Tom is grieving the loss of his boyfriend, Guillaume, so he visits Guillaume’s family home, only to find that his mother didn’t know about her son’s sexuality and his older brother, who has a violent streak, does, but resents it.

15:16: Jennifer’s Body

After Jennifer gets sacrificed to the Devil by an indie rock band, she begins to kill the boys in her town and seduces her best friend Needy, when she tries to stop her.

16:58: Vampires: Brighter in Darkness

After getting out of a crappy relationship, Toby is set up on a blind date with a vampire called Lucas and he gets plunged into a supernatural world.

19:00: Fright Night

Vampire Jerry moves into a new house and the boy-next-door becomes obsessed with him – albeit trying to convince his family that Jerry is a murderous beast. However, Jerry has a great plan to get the people of the town to trust him – he and his servant Billy will pretend to be a posh gay couple.

20:46: Otto; or, Up with Dead People

Otto is a gay teenage zombie, who accidentally gets cast in the zombie film of a lesbian director, trying to piece together his life before he became undead, including trying to reunite with his boyfriend.

22: 21: The Gilda Stories
In this novel, a young bisexual slave woman escapes life on a plantation and receives shelter from a group of female vampires, who eventually make her one of them.

Well, that’s it from us on queer-focused scary content to keep you entertained this October 31. Let us know what you’re planning in the comments below.

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