Article by: Abbie Stutzer

Halloween is, quite possibly, the best sexy holiday of the year for a few reasons: 1. It gives adults a valid reason to consume candy and other sinful treats. 2. It allows everyone a chance to let loose, dress up, and show off their summer bod before winter takes its toll.

Unfortunately, since Halloween is a night for imbibing and disguise, there are plenty of people who use the holiday to get away with hurtful, hateful, shady stuff. We’ve come up with a list of Halloween safety tips to help you prepare for a night of super sexy and playfully spooky fun.

1. Make sure a group of friends know your plan

We’re totally not trying to pull a dad move here… but… Try to stay in contact with someone you know (who isn’t going out) throughout Halloween night whether you’re partying with a group of friends, or doin’ it solo.

For groups: If you and some friends are meeting up with another group, make sure everyone you’re meeting knows approximately when you’re going to arrive. If you and your group are late, they can investigate further and call for help if need be.

For singles: Although we never discourage going out alone because, hey, everyone deserves to have a good night, we do suggest you tell at least three of your friends where you’re going, and text them through the night. It can be as simple as sending them a series of emojis while you’re out, and a “home” message when you’re safe at home.

Although this all may seem cumbersome and a bit annoying, it could help you or a friend of yours stay safe if the unthinkable occurs.

2. Download a safety app

At long last; you can use your phone addiction for good!

Over the past few years, multiple companies have released helpful safety apps that are simple to use.

We’ve noticed that the following app is frequently recommended by various technology sites.


bSafe’s features fall into two categories. The first is preventative; the second is emergency.

So, if all you want to do is secretly alert a select group of friends that you’ve made it to your predetermined destination, or alert them of your changing GPS location, bSafe can do that. The app also allows users to use a “fake” phone call setting; the “call” can help get you out of a weird situation or an uncomfortable, drunk conversation.

If you are in a real-deal emergency (you suspect you’ve been drugged, etc.), bSafe is equipped with an audible alarm that broadcasts video via your phone and your GPS location. A user can activate this alarm on their own, or you can set a Follow Me Timer. The timer “will automatically send an emergency SOS message if you don’t check in before” it runs out, Techlicious reports.

And just a reminder (even though we know you know): If you think you are in real, real danger, call 911 first.

Techlicious adds that bSafe has a drawback: The friends and family you designate as “guardians” must download the app and create a profile in the app, too. It’s available for Apple iOS and Android.

3. Load up on protection

You’ve heard it before, but we’ll say it again: Never trust a hookup on said hookup’s STI status.

Although you could buy condoms, lube, and other sexual protection practically anywhere, we want to suggest a few places online that are LGBTQ+-friendly and kink-positive. No shame here…

First up is Smitten Kitten. The “progressive sex toy store for everyone” is based out of Minneapolis, Minnesota. The shop, which launched in 2003, is known for curating “non-toxic, ethically produced” sex toys. The shop’s values are on point, too. The shop states it’s a safe space and that everyone is welcome; everyone should respect their self and others, and that kink-shaming isn’t their vibe so if it’s yours, keep it to yourself…

In addition to sex toys, the shop sells a variety of condoms and lubes. Check it out if you’re looking to stock up.

She Bop is another great option. The shop is female-friendly, but its site stresses that they are most definitely not female-only. In addition to lauding sexual empowerment and selling local sustainable stuff, they sell a lot of great safer sex products. Also, the shop employees LGBTQ+ folks who are knowledgeable about the product they sell.