Article by Ben Haynes

The pain of parting ways with someone you love is something we’ve all experienced a time or two. There’s never a straightforward path to recovery following a breakup. However, that doesn’t mean you must shun yourself into a dark, twisty place. Like Stella, you, too, can get your groove back!

Here are some tips that might give you reasons to smile after a breakup leaves you in pain.

Go to the Gym

As gay men, the gym is one of our favorite places to be. What’s not to love? Fit, sexy men surrounding you while they grunt, flex, and check themselves out in the mirror? Even better, any number of them are willing to spot you while you do your bench presses. Having your head between the legs of a sexy man whose main job is to watch you while you lift? What could be better?

Just like Elle Woods once said, working out provides a rush of endorphins, which, in turn, make you happy! Feel happy, look good, and check out hotties simultaneously? Score!

Time for Some New Underwear

We’re not trying to self-advertise, but it might be an excellent time to shop for sexy and fun pairs of underwear!

Browse through your our collection! Any briefs, jockstraps, thongs, or singlets that catch your eye…buy them! After you buy them, check yourself out in the mirror. Pose, take pictures, and explore how sexy your body looks in them. This is the time to check yourself out and remind yourself how hot you are!

Find Your New Favorite Toy

Regardless of whether you’re team top bunk or bottom bunk, there’s sure to be a sex toy that’s perfect for you. This is as good a time as any to invest money into the right one!

Fleshlights are always a crowd pleaser. Get one that’s been molded to someone’s mouth or hole! They’re sure to drive you wild. Perhaps you like the idea of dildos crafted to take the shape of your favorite porn star’s dick? Those are always available. Vibrating toys or those designed in the form of someone’s ass are always crowd-pleasers.

Put Yourself Back Out There!

This is the most difficult one of all to accomplish. We know our hearts miss the person we left behind. However, as time progresses, it’s worth it to begin meeting new people!

Download a dating app and chat with others nearby. Get together with a friend and do some bar-hopping at several gay bars where you can meet people! Mingle, shake hands, strike up conversations…you never know where it might lead!

Above all, be safe, and be true to yourself. Rediscover how sexy you are, and have fun in this new chapter!