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Article written by Kendra Beltran

Can we all agree that more often than not couples are...a bit much? Well in the age of technology many couples have taken their annoyances online and created a whole new level of insane behavior that the rest of us look at with a quizzical expression like, are they for real? In many cases, yes, yes they are for real and we’re about to call all those annoying couples out for their horrible behavior online.

1. Shared Accounts

I wanted to share the most annoying thing for last but I was too hyped up about it. Whether you know both parties in the relationship or just one, it’s confusing as hell when couples go and make shared accounts online. If you don’t kiki with them like that, you’re left wondering whose birthday it really is when you log onto Facebook in the morning, you don’t really know who's responsible for the political rants, and well - it’s just plain weird. It’s like, do they think it costs you to have your own individual profiles? We get if you want to have a page about your wedding or something like that, but an everyday profile shared by two adults is a hot mess.

2. Novel-Length Posts About One Another

If it ain’t one of your birthday or an anniversary, cut it out. It always seems as if people are overcompensating when they post those Harry Potter-length posts about their partner online. We all love the idea of romance and love, but some things are better left said to one another personally. Everyone doesn’t need to be invited to your relationship like that. Intimate words of love have more meaning when they’re between the people in the relationship, and not shared with everyone and their mother - literally.

3. Conversate On Your Timeline

If you happen to be friends with a couple that does not share an account as some annoying pairs do, then you have had to have seen this before. One person posts to another and they go back and forth so it continues to pop up on your timeline. After the fifth comment you have to wonder, do they know they can just text each out or use private messenger, right? But nope, they leave it all out there for the world to see. And it’s usually some inside joke that no one else on the planet understands too.

4. Be Petty

On the flip side, it is not all lovey-dovey for annoying couples online. When a couple, or even one half of one, air their dirty laundry for all to see it’s never good. Especially for grown-ass people. If you’re 14 and your boy stepped out on you, we get that you’re likely to go on and rant about it over several Snaps, but grown people should not act like that. They should call up their partner and settle it in person. Not in front of their friends and family. Because then if they do reconcile - we’re all left remembering the drama of it all, looking at them like, really? Really?

5. Single Shame

Whether you are boo’d up or “self-partnered” like Emma Watson, you do you and don’t sit and judge others for whatever their relationship status may be. I’m not saying single people aren’t guilty of throwing shade at their coupled-up friends, but this is a two-way street and we’re here to say that couples that sit there and post about how sad they are for single people are more than annoying, they’re just plain rude. Some people don’t need someone in their life to feel whole and that’s the bottom line.

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