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We all know that that LGBTQ people share a strong sense of community that transcends borders. But at the same time, spangled across the map of America like a shotgun blast cumshot, there exist actual, physical LGBTQ communities. Odds are, you may be living in one of them! These cities' “gayborhoods”, as they’re often called, are utopian acropoles of homosexuality and gourmet brunch spots. These days, most major cities have a LGBTQ-focused district, but here are the top five best gayborhoods in America!

5. Montrose, Houston

Everything is bigger in Texas, especially the hair and attitude of any given Drag Queen belting Whitney Houston in one of the many delectable gay bars in Montrose. One doesn’t often think Texas as being a great place to be gay, but Houston is actually one of many oases of tolerance in the state. Don’t forget that Houstoners elected the nation’s first openly LGTBQ mayor!

4. Boystown, Chicago

Featuring a wide variety of clubs, bars, restaurants and museums, Chicago’s Boystown is very much welcoming of everyone! For evenings as culturally stimulating as they are bacchanalian, few gayborhoods can top Boystown.

3. The Castro, San Francisco

One of the oldest gayborhoods in America, San Francisco’s The Castro district is also one of the most thoroughly gay tracts of land in the nation. The area is rich with history and some of the best bars in the bay area. Blend all that with a hippy-dippy free love atmosphere, The Castro is a must-visit for gays.

2. West Village, New York City

Although not as gay as it was once, the West Village in New York City will always remain in the hearts of many as the definite gayborhood in the Big Apple. Although areas like Hell’s Kitchen and Chelsea are becoming gayer by the second, the West Village just can’t be topped in our book. As both the site of Stonewall Riots and the conclusion of the New York Pride Parade, the West Village is one of the best gayborhoods in the world.

1. West Hollywood, Los Angeles

You guessed it. For my money, there’s no better gayborhood than right here in West Hollywood, Los Angeles. Our corner of Tinseltown is vibrant, fierce and rich with culture unlike any other gayborhood in the nation--a magical place where everyone is welcome to drink from the bountiful rainbow fountain that is The Abbey. If you haven’t visited yet, it should be first on your list. ;) Come say hi!

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