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There have been at least three decades within 2019, I’d say. This has been a long, arduous and confusing year. So boy do we all really need to make some good resolutions. Let’s make the 20s swingin’ again, fellas! Designed specifically to better your life AND your sex life, here are our top five best resolutions for 2020.

1. Refine your gym routine for aesthetic

Okay, the hardest part of going to the gym is actually getting out of the house and going there. But, you do that already. So now it’s time to start taking the gym more seriously. Do the research and refine your gym routine so that your optimizing your muscles for aesthetic. Add muscle strategically and you’ll be looking twice as handsome by next year.

2. Make extra time for your lover

Can 2020 be the year we make ghosting illegal? Or at the very least, make a resolution to dedicate more time to your man. Life is short, people, spend time together. Reply to that text. Go out on dates as often as you can.

3. Give him random compliments

Part of being a better lover in the new year means upping your flattery game. Compliments feel good to give and great to receive. So spread some love in the new year by letting him know just how delicious you think that ass is.

4. Show him your masc / fem side

In the new year, get in touch with your other side. No, not the dark side. If you're a total masc, check in on your inner fem and see how she’s doing. Try it out in bed too and you’re partner won’t know what hit him. ;)

5. Go the extra mile for his fantasy

Finally, part of being a better lover in 2020 is going the extra mile to fulfill his wildest dreams. I’m not telling anyone to do anything dangerous, but consider compromising in bed so that he can live out his fantasies. And if you don’t know what his fantasies are, then just ask.

With these resolutions as a compass to guide you through 2020, you’ll be sure to have a great year filled with amazing sex. Or, you’ll give up on your resolutions by February and go back to eating ice cream every night. I know that’s what I usually do!

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