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Article written by Sam Machado

When it comes to the act of “doing it,” one might assume the greatest connection of all is fornicating. While intercourse is one of the strongest ways to show intimacy, there are plenty of other unique measures that come with physical expression. In fact, some of these measures are even hotter than plowing him from behind.

1. Cuddling

This may be the most obvious one, but it's one of the most important ones. When you're in bed with a guy—whether it's a boyfriend, friend with benefits or the guy you're still getting to know—wrapping your arms around him while laying down together is bound to get the juices flowing. Sometimes the affection of just feeling his torso as you lay down on his chest or spoon him from behind can be far sexier than pounding.

2. Massaging

It's like sex, but it's not. Feeling his hands rub against your muscles will turn both of you on and may or may not lead to home base. Massaging is known as one of the most sexual acts of the human connection. A nice rubdown perhaps followed by some kissing will relax both of you and put you in the mood to do some banging or just lie down in ecstasy.

3. Hand Holding

It's so simple, but so perfect. When you're at the movies or a baseball game or any environment when you're sitting next to each other, there is that moment where you want to take that next step with him in a small way. Leaving your hand available and open as you gently touch fingers will spark major electricity as your hands glide together and your palms grasp leaving both of you completely breathless.

4. Showering

Wet. Steaming. Naked. Anything more alluring than that? Taking a shower with your guy is one of the great ways to be intimate whether you're doing him in there or not. Seeing the water run down his body and holding onto him with that warm temperature is already pulsating enough. And the opportunity to take that soap and run it all over his body and then wash that shampoo out of his hair can call for an amazing time. Plus, shower time isn't all about washing—it's also the time when the deep conversations come out. What a great time to have those deep talks when your guy is standing dripping and nude in front of you.

5. Talking & Listening

No matter how great the connection is, there really is no greater way to show honest intimacy than with words. Telling each other what makes you happy or what pisses you off is the only true way both of you will get to know where you will be down the road. Conversations over brunch, after a quickie, late into the night or just via text will benefit everyone involved. Because being physical is not enough. You will need to hear him out before you can give all of yourself to him.

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