Some of us shed tears of happiness as Prince Harry wedded Meghan Markle last month in a fairy-tale ceremony. But there were a few of us who cried because we were saying goodbye to Harry the Stripping Prince.

Has it only been six years since Harry made headlines in his birthday suit? Back in August 2012, Harry and entourage joined the party scene in Las Vegas, ferrying between a VIP cabana at the MGM Grand’s Wet Republic and his Wynn Encore VIP Penthouse suite. The usual hijinks - girls, celebrity challenges (Ryan Lochte to a swim race) - ensued. But in the wee, wee hours of the morn, things suddenly went pear-shaped.


As phone cameras surreptitiously recorded (and later released to TMZ), the prince, in what he thought was the privacy of his suite, was shown to be in boyish high spirits. Prior to this showing, the prince had been no stranger to scandal. But unlike those other scraps, this one revealed him as a rather sweet, cuddly ginger bear.

In fact, Harry, whose idea of a good time was to lose a game of “strip billiards” down past his last garment, showed himself to be very comfortable in his bare-naked skin. Then, further demonstrating his royal fitness, walk around his suite au ginger naturel, greeting, glad-handing and … playing air guitar with a pool stick.

OK, a little geeky but, as Lady Gaga put it, “HOLY MOTHER HARRY LOOKS FIT.” And she wasn’t the only one to think so.

Admitting later that the incident “was probably a classic example of me probably being too much Army and not enough prince,” Harry began to change his life around by doing good works, hanging out with Obama, and then meeting the woman of his dreams.

And while we wish the Duke and Duchess of Sussex every success, we can’t help but miss Prince Harry the wild child. To honor that Harry, here are five games you may or may not have considered for stripping:



The stripping game of royalty is not only a game of skill, but also of bending over a table, sometimes getting a leg up on it. Cheers!

Truth or “Bare.”


A bit obvious, but gets the job done.

Drinking games.


Any game that asks you to drink when you hear a certain word - or get a ping-pong ball in a glass - is one you can strip to. And there’s no reason you can’t drink as well.



Best played after a drinking game ‘cause, shuffleboard.

Board games.


Board games? Note: Any game that takes hours to play is eligible. Relieves the tedium, and lends a new meaning to “Go to jail. Go directly to jail.”

Be sure to wear your Andrew Christians, and think of England.