In today's modern times, relationships need not be limited to mere pairs. More and more gay men are taking to heart that old axiom of "the more, the merrier" and embracing the throuple lifestyle. Trios, triads, and three-wheeled vehicles are totally in vogue, and for good reason! Units of 3 and more can be extremely rewarding for all involved, but the logistics of maintaining a healthy relationship with larger numbers can be tough, so make sure you heed these five essentials tips for a successful throuple!

1. Keep an open mind

The most important factor in any successful throuple is to keep an open mind. All the basic tenets of romance and love apply, but you're entering relatively uncharted territory with a throuple. The overlapping, overlaying personalities, sexualities, needs and desires quickly can take these relationships in unexpected directions. Be careful with setting too many hard rules and rigid expectations. Go with the flow and be ready to adapt as the situation progresses.

2. Communication is key

Just like traditional couplings, throuples will wither away and die if each member is not totally honest and communicative with the others. Avoid two of three sneaking off for a quick fuck or gossiping about the third not pulling his weight, etc. You are a team and should not be keeping secrets from select members of the throuple.

3. Treat everyone as a unique human

The throuple is in some ways a single unit, but also is comprised of three unique humans. Everyone is going to have their own specific needs. Be generous but also compromise.

4. No one should be the "third"

Even if the throuple initially began as a pair and later on a third joined, be careful about referring to him as your third. In a three-legged stool, each leg is equally important and must be evenly balanced. No one should be "the third", but each equally referenced as "one of three."

5. Invest in a big bed

And most importantly of all, make sure you invest in the biggest bed you can fit in your house! Even a California King might not cut it. Don't skimp on a sufficiently massive mattress or your throuple won't even last overnight!