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By Claude Shy

Dating apps are basically a staple of gay culture. It’s harder to find a guy who has never used one than it is to find a guy who is looking for "right now." We all use it for different reasons. Some us are looking for love while others are looking for our next great time. With the vast differences in audience, it’s imminent that different personas can be found as well. If you’re a first time user, take this as a guide to who you will meet. If you’re an avid user, cherish in the fact that we’ve all run into the guys below.

The Party Guy


One of the first types of guys you’ll meet in the dating app space is the party guy. This gentleman is a total hunk and he knows it. He’s out every weekend at the gay club, and chances are you know him better this way than you do through the app. He’s got a hot body, a total social butterfly, and he knows how to have fun. Honestly, you may be a little intimidated by his confidence, but hey! A party always needs a life and he’s exactly that.

The Romantic


Some people are genuinely on dating apps to find love. There’s absolutely nothing wrong with that, even if the chances may be slim. This guy hits you up in the morning or afternoon, asking how your day is going. He’s curious about your interests and your entire personality. It’s not uncommon for this guy to ask you out for coffee or on cute dates. After all, he’s in the game for the endgame. He’s great at conversation and he makes you feel important. Even if he’s not your type, he’s a GREAT guy to have in your chats.

The Player


Alright. We’ve all run into the player. He’s. So. Hot. He has muscles for days and a smile that can stop anyone dead in their tracks. His charm is unrivaled and even thought you may not be his one and only, he knows how to make you believe you are. In all honesty, there’s nothing wrong with this guy. All that’s important is recognizing who he is and what his MO is. Pro tip: Enjoy your time with this guy, flirt with him, go out for a drink, whatever. Keep your expectations for a relationship low, but revel in the fact that he’s always a good time and he’s so easy on your eyes.

The Sporty Guy


Have you seen the guys in the sports gear on their dating profile? Congratulations, you’ve met the sporty guy. Chances are he’s at the gym at least four times a week, has a body that just won’t quit and he takes his physical appearance very seriously. If you’ve seen him out in the club, he’s probably in a tight tee and looks absolutely amazing. You’d probably be lying to yourself if you said you weren’t at least sexually interested. Maybe don’t take him too seriously, but also don’t dismiss him. There can be a lot of fun under that body of bulk.

The Casual Browser


One of the most common people you’ll meet on any dating app is the casual browser. He’s not necessarily looking to meet up/hook up with anyone, but he enjoys the camaraderie of fellow LGBT fellows. Odds are, you’ll NEVER meet this guy in person. He’ll probably hit you up once every couple of days or weeks and make small talk, but he’s pretty much okay with keeping your relationship (or lack thereof) completely digital. If you’re bored and want a night in but want a little social correspondences, log in and find that casual browser. He doesn’t have high hopes and if you don’t either, it can actually be a fruitful connection. Just don’t get your hopes up thinking you’ll ever meet up and do anything.

We’re living in the world of online dating, especially in the LGBT community. It’s nearly impossible to find someone who hasn’t at least tried a dating app. With such a large user base, there are so many different types of guys that gravitate to the app. The most important thing is realizing we are all different and looking for different things. That being said, knowing who you’re dealing with and making sure expectations are set is critical to your happiness and content with the online dating scene. Go out there and have fun, just keep your mind open!

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