I get it, we all like to indulge in a one-night-stand every now and then. Well, maybe several times every weekend for some of us. Random hookups are great fun, but who are we kidding, boys? We're not getting any younger. Maybe it's time to settle down and date a guy officially before inevitably breaking up 8 months later in an explosive argument in the Whole Foods produce isle. But hey, nothing lasts forever right?! Relationships are fun while they last though, so here's five perks that you only get with a boyfriend and not from a fuck-buddy.

1. Actual, Real Dates

No, going to your local diner at 2 AM after three rounds of sex does not count as a date. Are we really all so jaded that we can't have some good old fashioned wining and dining every now and then? Romance is the spice of life, sex is only the dessert. The courting process should not be underrated!!

2. Sexual Tension

Just because I don't want to fuck on the first date doesn't mean I'm a prude. I just like playing hard to get. I like teasing you and making you want me over a period of days or weeks. It's called building sexual tension, honey, and it's what adults do.

3. What Is Love?

Whatever love means to you, it probably doesn't mean platonic, drunken sex with a guy who doesn't even know your last name. When you've bared your soul to a man, the cock just hits different.

4. Forget Bootycalls

Say goodbye to desperate "u up?" texts and endless swiping on dating apps. When you have a boyfriend, you already know that he's down to fuck, suck or jerk whenever you're in the mood. What else are boyfriends for?

5. The Possibilities Are Endless

Just think of all the cool, fun, sexy stuff you can do with a boyfriend but not a rando you're fucking! Someone who genuinely loves and cares for you will be more likely to meet you halfway when it comes to trying out that weird-ass kink of yours.

And once you inevitably DO breakup, just think about how great that dirty, anonymous sex will feel again?