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Ah, social media. I think we’re all addicted, aren’t we? How many hours a day do we spend scrolling through hellish feeds seemingly filled only with news of the impending apocalypse and photos of jacked Adonises? Too many, that’s for sure.

Granted, our favorite apps definitely boost the quality of our lives in innumerable ways. Communication with friends and loved ones has never been easier, news breaks in real time and is accessible at our fingertips, and many platforms are excellent for sharing art and promoting our professional endeavors.

...But just to play Devil’s advocate here, let’s stop and consider what’s really going on in our brains on this steady diet of social media. So, because someone needs to say it, here’s six reasons why you should get off social media… right now, or at least detox for a little while.

1. The Algorithm

If you’ve ever listened to these smarty-pants software engineers talk about how their social media platforms are designed to work, it’s pretty damn scary. Many platforms are specifically designed to hook their claws into the addictive part of your brain and never let go. Their business model is to keep you on their app for as long as possible, no matter the cost. You know that little dopamine rush you get when someone likes your post? Or that pang of despair when you’re hot selfie goes unnoticed? If you've been experiencing these feelings, then they’ve already got you hooked.

2. Unhealthy Body Image

Everyone knows that everything you see on the internet is real. You can’t just… lie or post fake images… wait… you can?! Oh man, so all these impossibly hunky beautiful men in my timeline don't really look like that all the time in real life? Wow, I already feel better about the way I look.

3. Hidden Advertisements

When you spend all your time on social media, you may think you’re escaping the grasp of advertisers, but in reality, the ads are just sneaking into your psyche like Trojan Horses, and you may never even know. Do you really think that influencer loves that face wash so much that he chooses willingly to post about six times a week? Hmm...

4. Fake Friends

When you get off social media, you’ll quickly find out who your real friends are. If the only basis of your relationship with someone is watching each other’s stories, then are you really friends?

5. The Real World is More Fun

Finally, the most important reason to get off social media is just that the real world is more fun. The less time you spend scrolling, the more time you spend living. And then when inevitably the gravitational pull of social media sucks you back in, you’ll have way better stuff to post about. ;)

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