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Crying during sex: it’s happened to all of us (r-r-right guys??). But what is it all about? These days, many of us are blessed with the privilege of engaging in emotionless, no-strings-attached sex. We like to keep it easy-breezy and not hang around long enough for feelings to develop. But mid-coital sobbing can have a pretty strong effect on mood. So if you or your partner is a weeper, here’s five possible reasons why his tear ducts are producing extra lube.

1. Overwhelmed by Happiness

It’s possible that he’s simply crying tears of joy. Sex (read: good sex) can induce extremely powerful feelings of love and intimacy. The moments leading up to orgasm can bring a sudden awareness of how grateful you are that your partner is in your life. Your love is so beautiful and overwhelming that the tears just come. How sweet.

2. Pain

If chains and whips often appear in the mis-en-scene of your sex, than you may be more familiar with a different type of tears. Even the most masochistic among us can have difficulty holding back tears after an hour or so in the preferred BDSM device of your choice. Crying is a natural bodily response in situations like this, and for some experienced subs, it may just be signal that things are finally starting to get good.

3. Emotional Pain / Confusion

Similarly, adventurous role-players can be so overwhelmed by the fantasy at hand, that they just can’t help from sobbing. In a humiliation type of scenario, sometimes reassuring ourselves that what you’re hearing is just role-play isn’t enough. If things are getting too real for one of the participants, but prepared to reassure the weeper of his value.

4. Teased and denied

You may be surprised, but I have seen it happen. Sometimes guys who are desperately horny and NEED to cum imminently can be reduced to tears by a denial of stimulation. Working him up with hours of teasing and edging and then leaving him with blue balls is going to bring out some serious emotions. Be warned.

5. Triggered memories

Sometimes sex can trigger traumas and repressed memories. If the boning takes on a characteristic uncannily reminiscent of that ex who sent you therapy for six months, then tears may come. Be careful that you’re not causing emotional harm to your partner by unearthing these feelings.

At the end of the day, there’s a variety of reasons why guys might cry during. Unless you talked specifically about the tears being okay and expected, then someone sobbing may be a good sign that you should put the fucking on hold and talk things out. Besides, the sex after you’ve comforted each other will just be that much better. ;)

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