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We've all seen those downright offensive dating app bio lines like "under 6' need not apply." Short guys often unfairly get a bum wrap. Our heteronormative culture continues to prop up a relationship model which necessitates one tall person and one short person. Being tall is considered masculine, but that's not really the case. Tall guys can be fun to climb around on, but sometimes great things really do come in smaller packages. So here's a few gentle reminders why short guys have an edge over their giant counterparts.

1. Confidence

Sometimes lovingly referred to as the Napoleon Complex, short guys often come with great confidence and a sprinkling of grandiosity. Short guys know how to stand up for themselves and not get pushed around. They're bad body who don't take any shit. And that's sexy!

2. Kissing Height

If you're a short or regular-height guy yourself, then by all means you'll want to find another short guy to kiss. If you've broken your neck bending it upward to smooch a giant, then you know the pain of mismatched-height relationships. Short guys are effortlessly kissable!

3. Fat dicks

Tall guys may generally have longer penises, but short guys got big fat dicks that will absolutely destroy your asshole. Plus, they probably have cute asses too.

For whatever reason, it just seems like short guys are better dancers. Usher, Prince, Michael Jackson. Not the tallest guys, but their taut bodies give them an increased control on the dance floor. No lanky limbs spazzing around wildly.

5. Versatile in sex

Finally, short guys are often just more fun in bed. Their smaller, sturdier bodies can help achieve that elusive upright fucking position. All the body parts are closer together for easy access, and everything just generally flows better with a short guy.

At the end of the day, whether you're attracted to short guys or tall guys is just a matter of personal preference. But if you've been neglecting those boys on the other end of the yard stick, don't be afraid to give them a spin!

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