I think we’re all familiar with the joy associated with being out in public without any undies on under your jeans. It can feel liberating, comfortable, or just downright sexy. However, there are some lesser-known drawbacks to going commando that really should stop any young underwear-free buck dead in his tracks.

1. Chafing

God invented underwear for a reason, and perhaps the most compelling case for its existence comes in the form of chafing. Unless your closet is filled with velvety soft pants, any amount of long-term freeballing is going to invariably lead to hardcore chafing. Especially for the circumcised guys out there, having the literal head of your penis eternally rub up against the inside of your pant leg is recipe for disaster.

2. Sweat

This one is pretty much a no-brainer. In the hot summer months or while you’re flopping around at the gym, there’s nothing to protect you from a big old penis-shaped sweat print in the front of your pants and moist rings lining your ass. While your visible dick sweat may effectively emphasize your boy parts, most of us would just prefer you put on a pair of boxers and dry off.

3. Bacteria

Without the moderating force of undies, your nether region will essentially become a tropical, humid rainforest filled with a vast array of flora and fauna. Specifically, all kinds of nasty bacteria will set up shop. And good luck trying to get head after that.

4. Laundry

It’s real simple, if you’re not wearing underwear, then you’re going to be washing your pants at least twice as often. This is especially bad if your pants need to be dry-cleaned. The alternative is just to let your farts and ball sweat cake up over time, but hey, if you’re a habitual commando then you’re probably not all that concerned with hygiene after all.

5. Underwear Is Sexier

At the end of the day, this is the most important factor. There’s nothing better in this world than a pretty boy in his underwear. And peeling those briefs off him is about as good as it gets. Why deprive your partners of this fun? It’s like skipping dinner and the movie and going straight to fucking. Tease me first, let me get to know your bulges. Guys are just hotter in their underwear--or right after they’ve taken it off. ;)