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Love in the time of Coronavirus can be tough, especially if you're meeting people for the first time. It's tough to get to know someone while staying six feet away. But luckily, we've got you covered! There are plenty of ways to have cute, trendy, and romantic dates without shooting droplets down each other's throats. Here's are our top five socially distant date ideas!

1. Take a Hike

If your city has nature trails, then by all means mask up and grab your walking stick. Taking a relaxing stroll through some greenery is a great way to break the ice. And if you don't have trails in your town, then make it a urban stroll to appreciate architecture in a new neighborhood!

2. Zoom & Wine

It's not drinking alone if there's a camera pointed at you! Video chat dates are a tried and true classic, but why not spice it up with a couple bottles of wine, and maybe some o'dourves. Let things get romantic if they trend they way...

3. Picnic in the Park

Grab a blanket, basket, and charcuterie platter and you've guaranteed yourself a wonderful date. Who doesn't love a romantic picnic in the park?

4. Backyard Painting

Have yourself a little wine and painting in the afternoon light. You can do still lifes of fruit bowls, or maybe up the ante to nude portraits of each other if you're feeling especially artistic.

5. Stargazing

Find a quiet spot where you can escape light pollution. Lay out on your backs and gaze up at the stars. You don't need much to make a date successful. Just some ambiance, light, and something to talk about. The night sky provides all that in spades. And if you see a shooting star, don't forget to make a wish. ;) You just might get lucky...

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