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Article written by Maya Vukovska

The number of straight actors who have appeared on the covers of gay-themed magazines has rocketed in recent years. Gaydar has never felt THAT broken, especially in Hollywood. Gay and straight guys now shop from the same stores, go to the same parlors to get their nails done, and are proud owners of yoga mats аnd chihuahuas. Are the straight celebs giving up on women, you may wonder? Who cares?! The gays love these celebs, and these celebs love the gays. All is well.

Ryan Reynolds

The actor who was Deadpool in the 2016 superhero film of the same name said in an interview that it would be nice for the Marvel Comics character to have a boyfriend at some point. There are many clues in the movie that Deadpool is interested in both men and women. And what can be said about the actor who played him is that both women and men are interested in him. The 43-year-old Canadian has been married twice. His first wife was Scarlett Johansson, but this marriage didn’t last long. In 2010, Reynolds met his current spouse, Blake Lively, while filming Green Lantern. The couple has three kids. When asked what his thoughts on gay marriage are, the actor says, “I think it’s fantastic. To me, being opposed to it is just crazy.” And he admits that if he were gay, he’d pair up with Robert Pattison. Great choice, we’d say.

Eddie Redmayne

This full-lipped former model is impossible not to stan. Redmayne has been cast to gay roles more often than any other straight actor. One of his most memorable roles so far is perhaps the one of a transgender woman he played with exquisite beauty and adroitness in the 2015 romantic drama The Danish Girl. Eddie is so in touch with his fem side, that it's no wonder the most popular Google search for the monstrously talented brit is “Eddie Redmayne Gay.” With or without a question mark. 

James Franco

Oh yes, this guy’s going full throttle on the gay agenda! Some years ago, the charismatic actor stated that he’s gay in his art and straight in his life, and also that he’s “gay to the point of intercourse.” Besides being absolutely fascinated by queer art, Franco has also starred in and directed a number of gay-themed movies - Milk (2008), The Broken Tower, a 2011 biographical drama about the 1920’s gay poet Hart Crane, which was Franco’s Master's thesis for his MFA in filmmaking from NYU, and Interior. Leather Bar, a docufiction film about a serial killer who preys on NYC’s gays in the 1970’s. The gay resume of Franco also includes a book by the title Straight James/Gay James, in which his gay alter ego asks questions like, “are you gay or what?”

Joseph Gordon-Levitt

In September 2013, this hunk appeared on the cover of Out magazine. That happened shortly after his movie porn-addiction Don Jon premiered. Although Gordon-Levitt gives the impression of the ultimate straight male specimen, rumors about his sexuality have been circulating forever. However, the actor likes playing it coy and seems to be enjoying the attention of his gay audience. His acting career abounds with wide-ranging roles in gay-themed movies: He was a gay hustler in Mysterious Skin (2004), as well as a Mormon homophobe in Latter Days (2003). Gordon-Levitt is among the very few Hollywood cases of child actors who haven't gone bad. Now, at the age of 39, he still radiates boyish charm and is one of the most in-demand actors of his generation.

Chris Hemsworth

In 2012, this stunningly beautiful straight actor appeared on the cover of the May issue of Out magazine. Five years later, while on his Thor: Ragnarock tour, the Australian actor took the chance to remind his compatriots to enroll for a marriage equality survey. The guy is so popular among women, men, marsupials, and other species that his name has become synonymous with "sex appeal." According to Urban dictionary, a Chris Hemsworth is “a man so handsome and alluring he can turn straight men gay and gay women straight just bu looking at him.” Truly, sexuality is a spectrum!

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