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Whether you’re single and trying to impress a new guy or if you’ve been with the same one and trying to keep the spark alive or reignite the flame, being sexy for your partner is probably a top priority. Unfortunately, capturing the essence isn’t always easy. There is a plethora of ways, however, to turn the heat up. If you’re feeling a little unsexy, try some of the below for inspiration.

Take care of your body


This may seem like a no brainer, but taking care of one’s body is by far one of the sexiest things a man can do. Self care goes beyond lifting weights, though. While a hard body is great, showing that you care about your body through manscaping, keeping perfectly-coiffed hair or practicing good hygiene are quick ways to garner some sexy attention. After all, showing you take care of your own physicality shows you can take care of someone else’s.

Dress to impress


Grab all of your stretched, dingy white tees and throw them straight in the trash. Few things are as quick to turn someone off as showing up to a date looking like you just rolled out of bed. Go on a shopping trip and grab some clothes to up your wardrobe. Opt for staples like slim jeans, short-sleeved button ups and light sweaters. Before stepping outside, take an extra glance in the mirror and consider what vibes you’re giving and want to give. Would YOU want to sleep with someone wearing an oversized hoodie? Chances are, you wouldn’t. Put in a little effort and dress for the occasion; your date will thank us.

Send flirty texts or photos


This is NOT condoning unsolicited dick pics. This is, however, condoning some flirtatious banter or sexy Snapchats. Something as simple as, “Can’t wait to see you,” is a great way to set a sexy tone for the rest of the night. Likewise, taking a picture where you and your outfit look sexy is a quick way to get some positive attention. Photos can be a double-edged sword, though. In other words, keep the XXX photos to yourself unless they are requested and/or the timing is perfect.

Make platonic body contact


Light touching in a non-sexual way is surprisingly sexual. A touch on the shoulder, firm hugs or simple hand contact are proven ways to show interest nonverbally. Similar to the flirtatious texts and photos, gauge the situation. If a guy doesn’t seem interested in getting closer, don’t force it. Go with the flow, but make sure to show interest when the opportunity arises organically.

Keep an open mind


Sexuality may come a little later than the above, but when it does, keep an open mind. No one likes a kink or fetish shamer. Knowing someone is open to your sexual desires is sexy and piques a guy’s interest. Imagine going on a few dates, dropping that you’re into exploring with leather and then having a guy laugh in your face and say, “Ew.” Not a pretty picture, right? Don’t be a jerk – keep your mind open to other possibilities. Who knows, you may even discover something sexy that you never considered – it’s a win-win.

Alright, you’ve got a big date coming up or your husband of 10 years wants a sexy night. We get it, you’re feeling pressure and may be psyching yourself out. While being sexy is an art and not a science and this list isn’t the end all be all of sexy things you can do, take a few pointers. Take a deep breath; show your sexy side by taking care of that body, dressing your best, flirting, making contact and keeping an open mind. Now go get ‘em, tiger.

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