With freezing temperatures still ravaging much of the country, it’s the perfect time to log some serious cuddling hours. No winter pastime is quite so rewarding as curling up by the fire, on the sofa, or in bed with a loved one for a quality cuddle sess. Although cuddling seems like a rather intuitive activity, some people just seem terrible at it. So, listen up, befuddled cuddlers: heed these five tips and you'll be like two peas in a pod.

1. Find a Position That Works

Perhaps the single most important part of cuddling is finding a position that works for the two of you. Spooning, in which two guys fit their curves into each others' like spoons, is certainly among the most popular. Naturally, the bigger guy generally will be the big spoon, but this rule is not carved in stone. Sometimes the bottom can be the big spoon. Get freaky! Also explore the hugging-on-top position and chest-pillow and see if those work better for you!

2. Beware of the trapped arm

The most common pitfall in cuddling is that someone’s arm inevitable gets trapping under something and starts to go numb. Avoid crushing your arm by wedging it under his neck or placed in the negative space beneath the pillow. Cuddling should be about focusing on intimacy, not your throbbing wrist--so get longterm comfy!

3. Match breathing

Try to synchronize your breathing. This will increase your sense of being two hearts beating as one, and also will prevent you from constantly breathing in each other’s stinky breath! Plus, you won't be able to tell if it's him snoring or you!

4. Have lots of pillows

Make sure to have lots of pillows and blankets on standby. Extra cushioning will ensure everyone is comfortable and no one has any cut-off circulation. Additionally, don’t set the thermostat too warm. You want it to be just cold enough that body heat and blankets bring you to the perfect level of coziness.

5. Have an escape plan

Spooning is great, but some guys just can’t fall asleep without stretching out. Some people just a little wiggle room. If that's you, and your partner is one who’d prefer to never let go, have an escape plan ready so as to not offend/disturb him when you pry him off in the middle of the night. Let him know in advance you plan to break the cuddling at some point in the night. Try indicating with a yawn that you’re about to jump ship.

Follow all these tips and you’re guaranteed to have achieve maximum coziness while you cuddle.