Article written by Maya Vukovska

When you’ve been sexually active for some 2+ years, you think you already know everything about gay sex. But do you, really? I bet you don’t.

It’s good to be confident in your sexpertise, but it’s even better if you admit that there are still things you need to know in order to better your performance in bed.

Here are some sex hacks you may consider putting into practice next time you’re intimate with someone.

Alternate the speed (for tops only)

Let me be honest with you: many tops just don’t know how to fuck. The thing is that they live in a delusional world where sex means sticking one’s dick in someone’s butthole and pound. No wonder these “pounding machines” are often asked to stop because they are causing pain to their partners. What the tops need to remember is that not all sphincters are loose and that the sphincter's natural state is being closed tight. With that in mind, one should start really carefully and keep it slow until the bottom’s ass gets used to the thing inside it and relaxes. You’ll know when the bottom starts enjoying your dick when he grabs your hips and pulls you into him. Now it is OK to speed up and get rougher.

Be a chameleon - adapt to his style

You will be amazed at how much better the sex will become if you mimic your partner’s love-making style. The simple logic behind that is that people kiss and fuck the way they enjoy being kissed and fucked. That’s why if your partner deepthroats your dick, that’s probably how he wants his own dick to be treated. Of course, that is not always the rule, especially when it comes to positioning. Many doms, for example, don’t like to be dominated. So, you’d better talk to your partner about what he likes before attempting anything.

Breathe like a yoga

Any time we engage in some sort of physical activity, whether it is weight lifting, climbing stairs, or sex we need to properly breathe in order to better control our muscles. You may think that breathing comes naturally, and nobody has to remind you to do it, but if you care to close watch yourself during sex, you’ll notice that you’re holding your breath most of the time. If you tend to get overexcited and cum too fast, it is essential that you need to teach yourself how to breathe. Breathing the yoga way, i.e. using your stomach muscles to pull air into your torso and all the way down to the genitаlia, will help you control your orgasms and successfully delay them.

Keep your hands busy all the time

The fact that you know how to effectively use your cock doesn’t mean that your other body parts should stay static during sex. If you want to be perceived as a professional lover, then you need to keep your hands busy all the time. Use your fingers to caress his chest, pinch his nipples, jerk his cock… Anything's good, really. Remember that your fingers can work as surrogates of your penis, so when you put them into your lover’s mouth while you’re pounding him, it’s kind of a double penetration fantasy coming true.

Use your mouth

But not only for sucking and licking, but also for dirty talking. Yes, it can be really hard to find the perfect balance when it comes to saying dirty things while having sex. First of all, not everyone likes being called a “whore” or asked to stick a finger in their ass before you lick it. On the other hand, dirty talking can be a huge supplement to the love game. If you’re not exactly a loquacious person, here are some playful suggestions:

“I’ve lost my wet hole. Can you help me find it?”
“How deep can you drill my Grand Canyon?”
“Let’s see if you can shoot baskets more than once.”
“I need a creamy facial right now.”

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