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By Kendra Beltran

The vast quantity of fish in the sea brings little comfort when there’s only one fish that you want. Sometimes it can feel impossible getting him to notice you amid life's hustle and bustle. So, to ensure you’re not haunted by lifelong regret over a missed connection, here are six creative ways to get his attention. Follow these instructions and you’ll be sure to have that special someone chomping at the bit for more.

1. Confidence / body language

The best way to stand out in a room full of eligible bachelors is to exhibit a palpable level of confidence. If you can take control of the room and spread out with some dominating body language, he’ll have no choice but to notice you. Acting shy can be cute, but confidence is always sexy.

2. Embrace your individuality

If you really want to get his attention, you have to be yourself. If you’re trying to conform to some idea of some man that you think he’d be interested in, then you’ve already lost him. Everyone is at their best when they're being themselves. Flaunt what makes YOU special, and he’s sure to take notice.

3. Let him help you

On a more specific level, a great way to get noticed by your crush is via a situation in which he helps you. You’ve seen it in movies a thousand times: the meet-cute where you, the helpless fem drops all his books in the hallway and the jock comes to help pick them up. Any situation where this dynamic is at play will work wonders for you.

4. Touch him

Once you’ve got him in front of you, touch him! No, don’t grab his dick the first chance you get. But gentle and strategic. The touching of an arm or brushing of a hand and can release some serious oxytocin and seriously get him thinking about you. Slight physical contact will show him that you’re not afraid to get a little intimate.

5. Play hard to get

Some guys want the forbidden fruit more than anything. If he’s the type that enjoys the thrill of the hunt, then be an entertainingly elusive prey. Let him chase and don’t give him everything he wants right away. He won’t be able to get you off his mind.

6. Use humor

If all else fails, humor is always a great way to get onto his radar and into his pants. If you can keep him laughing, he’ll never want to leave your side. Don’t degrade yourself to the point of being a jester, but crack those jokes and see if he notices.

If you’ve tried all of the techniques, and he STILL doesn’t even know that you exist, then he’s probably not the one for you. Either that or he’s just playing hard to get and is trying to get your attention too!

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