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Article written by Maya Vukovska

Gay men don’t need some Queer Eye smart ass to tell them how to dress to impress and how to trim the bushes “down there”. But the gay universe is unfathomably vast, and there’s always something new that’s worth knowing and exploring. Here are six grooming trends every voguish gay man should be familiar with.

Men’s make-up is going mainstream

Hallelujah! With Sam Smith going public, rocking the smoky cat-eye look, you can finally wear mascara outside your boudoir without feeling embarrassed. Actually, not only gay men, but straight men too are no strangers to make-up. Just last year, David Beckham appeared on the cover of LOVE magazine wearing green eye shadow. And he couldn’t look more masculine and sexy! However, if you want to embrace this rising trend, keep in mind that applying make-up every day can be an overwhelming chore. Women worldwide spend an average of two full weeks of self-pampering per year!

Tone up your face and make it glow

Cleansing and moisturizing are old news. Exfoliation, serums and toning waters are your face’s new best friends. Removing the top layer of the epidermis once a week keeps blemishes at bay, and unclogs your pores. Toning in the form of mists and cleansing waters is the expert-level stage of men’s grooming ritual. Among other benefits, toners can also correct specific skin issues, like super dry or super oily skin. And serums, ladies, are the real shit! They are, in fact, 2.0 version moisturizers, and can do wonders to your face, because, in the right combination with other products, they can even remove fine wrinkles and pigmentation!

Threading is the new tweezing

They say eyebrows are the most important feature of the face. You hate your eyebrows because you think they look like two angry birds. You decide to tend to them yourself. It’s not rocket science after all, you think! You’ve seen your mom do it, your sister do it, your girlfriends do it. You grab a tweezer and you start plucking hairs. Easy-peasy. But is it, really? The thing is that if you fail in the tedious and painful process of achieving a perfect face-framing arch, your whole facial expression will be fucked up. So, in order to avoid the calamity, we recommend that you get eyebrow threading. But only done by the hands of a trained professional!

Get sea salt in your hair… without diving into the sea

Gay men certainly know which styling products to use in order to make their hair look cool 24/7. We’ve heard about clay pomades and waxes, but sea salt spray is the new player on the field. Even when it’s winter in Chicago you can have beach hair at your fingertips.

Chest hair is the star

Hairy chests are in! Despite the wide spreading presence of hairy chest, some gay men still do regular chest trimming, or go all the way by killing every single hair on their torso, legs and arms. If you prefer your chest not only trimmed, but soft and smooth like a baby butt, you should choose a multi-blade razor. NB! Use a body scrub to exfoliate the area on a regular basis to reduce the risk of ingrown hairs. And you are smooth to go!

Boyzilian is for straight guys… or not?

Rumor has it that Brazilian waxes are more popular with straight guys than gay guys, but let’s get real - most gay men adore the feather-like feeling that only a boyzilian can give. Guys who do not feel comfortable going to a studio where most probably a woman would perform the procedure, or are afraid of the pain, can use a trimmer for that particular area. But the butthole area is a no-trimmer zone! Besides, waxing is currently the most effective method for long-term hair removal. So, why bother with temporary solutions where you can have the problem fixed in a blink of an eye. Literally!

We are not here to teach you the art of vanity. You’ve already mastered it. But when it comes to grooming, do not blindly follow the trends. Instead, do what you feel is best for you. And one last advice. No permanent makeup! You may regret it later, and besides, nothing lasts forever. Except pacemakers.

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