Article by Brittany Hancock


*Please note that some of these places are public and therefore it may be illegal to participate in intercourse- play safely and at your own risk!

The bedroom is a wonderous, traditional place to get down and dirty. The comfort of your personal space is a great place to have sex, but after time you may find yourself tired of always going straight to the bed. Try out these seven places for a more exciting sex adventure.

The Beach

If you’re looking for a romantic setting to get things going, the beach is a perfect spot. There are many secluded areas available at this location that you can sneak away to get busy at. Look for a shady spot that will give you some privacy, but still allow you close to the water. Under the dock is another option that you may choose to utilize. Alternatively, you can bring your own tent to allow you to be unseen, but still enjoy the crash of waves as your bodies crash together.

The Woods

A mysterious spot that allows you to still be close to nature is the woods. If you love camping, this is a perfect opportunity to start a new sexual adventure. Try taking your partner out on a nature walk, then shove him against a tree and kiss him passionately. Before you know it, you’ll be closer to nature than you ever expected.

In Your Car

The car is a great place to engage in some tantalizing lovemaking. Just remember to be safe. You don’t want to distract your lover and cause a pile-up. Instead, try tempting them in the parking garage or while you’re at another location. You’ll be offered some privacy, but still feel the excitement of being out in public. You can even try to locate a drive-in movie location to get down and dirty.

Public Restroom

The best part about this spicy location is that they are virtually available everywhere. You can sneak away at a party, club, or restaurant to get hot and heavy with your lover. If you find yourself out on a date with your partner, you can tempt them underneath the table before sneaking away. At a party, you could make out before heading away to finish your love session. The possibilities are endless. Find a suitable stall and throw your lover up against it. Then proceed to devour them until you’re both satisfied. It’s a great option to break away from the norm without going too overboard.

In the Jacuzzi

Jacuzzi’s are a cozy little place to relax, let go of the stress of a long day. They’re also a terrific place to get frisky with your lover. The next time you find yourself spending some time loosening up those muscles in a hot tub, try fooling around. You’re already mostly unclothed and if you want to make it better, just go naked. Skinny dipping makes things even more tempting. The romantic setting of a jacuzzi gives you the perfect opportunity to give your lover a massage. Or touch him underneath the foamy waters. Soon you’ll be creating a whole new splash.

At the Gym

Some believe that the best orgasms are achieved after an intense workout. If you’re looking to test this theory, the gym would be a great spot to start. You can utilize your work out time to get you in the mood by watching your prospective partner lift and flex his muscles. Or imagine all the ways you can leave him breathless as he puts in those miles on the treadmill. When you’re both finished with your exercise, the gym shower is a great place to sneak away and get busy.


The balcony railing is a hot place to be bent over while your lover takes you from behind. Bring your lover outside for a wondrous view of the city. This will help set the mood for some intense lovemaking. Just be sure to be careful. You don’t want anyone getting hurt in the process. Though the dangerous aspect of being rammed from behind while staring down the heights may be exciting, you don’t want to actually fall. Make sure the railing is secure and don’t play too rough. This sexy spot will give you both a memorable time as long as you are cautious.