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When you peruse the vaults of memory in search of your greatest sexual experiences, you will likely conjure escapades of wild, primal and passionate sex. Sweaty, sloppy, wet and vigorous fucking. And sure, we get it. Rough sex holds its reputation deservedly. But, boys... you don't always have to fuck him hard. In fact, sometimes that's not right to do. Gentle sex can be equally mind-blowing! Here's seven reasons why.

1. It's a Marathon, Not a Sprint

Every hear the fable of the tortoise and hare? Sometimes slow and steady really does win the race, if you know what I mean. Slower sex doesn't necessarily mean better sex, but we all know how building up an orgasm for longer makes it better.

2. Get Tantric On His Ass

By engaging in tantric sex, you can achieve new heights of intimacy. This ancient form of slow, deliberate sex is known around the world for its ability to transcend into higher realms of pleasure. Become one with the universe... and his ass!

3. Communication is Key

Slowing down the pace and softening the touch in the sack allows for greater opportunity for talking through your feelings. Giving each other input will help fine-tune your sensations for maximum pleasure.

4. Tension and Release

With gentler sex comes more nuanced arcs of tension and release. In other words, working up to the edge of orgasm and slowing down to prolong the act. In fast, wild sex, things often come to a quick, explosive end. Gentle sex is like reading a great epic novel with many twists and turns!

5. Every Little Touch Counts

Less can definitely be more. With slow, gentle sex you can build up to stimulating the most sensitive parts of the body. But first, start with just a scratch or a breath and drive your partner wild!

6. Makes the Rough Sex Feel Even Wilder

And finally, after having a nice slow and gentle fuck, the next time you have go at it bareback reverse cowboy, it'll seem even rougher and rowdier than before!

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