Article written by Kendra Beltran

There isn't a rule that says that you have to hang out with people your own age all the time but there can be something odd about hanging out with younger people day in and day out. We're not saying you have to cut ties with anyone not born the same year as you but you may want to think twice about what hanging out with a younger crowd does to you in the long run.

1. Enables Immaturity

We've all met people in their 30's and 40's who aren't mature at all, but it's more expected that a 20-year-old will be immature and that's sort of okay. Still in college and finding themselves, a 20-something doesn't have the same responsibility expectations someone older does. So when an older person hangs out with them, they may think...well, Jerry can stay up all night and miss class the next day. Perhaps I can do the same and miss work. No, no you can't because while a bad grade is one thing, losing your job has real-life repercussions like um, being evicted.

2. Different Stages in Life

Going along with the maturity levels, people reach different stages with age, and there is going to be some friction in the long run when you're thinking about settling down and your career and their biggest concern is hooking up and the latest club opening.

3. The Lingo

This isn't the biggest deal in the world but have you ever heard an older person try their hardest to stay on trend with new slang? OMG. The. Worst. Older people saying things like "lit" and *shudders* "da bomb" makes the skin crawl into a cave and die alone. So just think twice. If you're going to run with a younger crowd just don't look a fool and trying to use their newfound language.

4. Out of Date References

There is nothing worse than hanging out with people who not only don’t get what you’re going through because of the age you are, but also have NO idea what you’re talking about when you try to make small talk about nostalgia. Hanging with a younger group will date you when you drop knowledge about what pop stars were fire when you were coming up. That in turn is going to make you feel weird and old all on its own. Then you’re going to be stuck trying to grasp at their pop culture and in the end may wind up looking a damn fool.

5. Physical Restraints

My ID may not say I'm 60, but my back pain does. Younger people have the physical advantage and it's not wise to try and keep up. How many sitcoms have we watched this storyline play out in? The older folks try and party all night with their new young friends and wind up recovering for weeks. Not a cute look. Know your speed and stay in your lane to avoid back braces at 35. This goes hand in hand with other physical things too like how long it takes to recover after drinking. A hangover at 20 is NOTHING compared to the pain felt binging after 30.

6. Style Concerns

Style is always a personal thing but there's staying on trend with ease and those who just try so hard it looks like the Before photo on a daytime talk show makeover episode titled "My Grandpa Thinks He's a College Freshman." There are ways to dress like your younger friends without it coming off like a hot mess. Don't try to emulate them. Be your own person.

7. Relationship Drama

Younger people may think they have the world figured out, but they don't. So when you're continuously taking relationship advice from someone who has yet to be in a real relationship, of course, you're going to fall flat. They're leading you down a bad path. Which is when you need to make and/or turn to friends with some actual experience under their belt.