For some gay men Halloween is the greatest time of year! All the incredible parties, costumes, and decadence that is experienced throughout October is unparalleled. This spooky month has gained a moniker over the years that we're all about: Jocktober. It should come as no surprise that we're big fans of all things jockstraps, which is why this is one of our favorite months. However, we wish that people participating in Jocktober all year round as jocks are some of the best underwear any person should own!

They're Insanely Comfortable

While those older and dated sports jocks may have made you feel uncomfortable and self-conscious back in high school, the jock strap industry has come a long way (trust us, we'd consider ourselves experts in this). A good jockstrap will provide you with unparalleled comfort and support when it comes to your cock and balls.

They'll Make You More Confident

Anyone who has ever said they don't feel confident in a well-fitted outfit or a sexy pair of underwear is fooling themselves. Everyone loves to feel good, and everyone loves to feel like they're gorgeous in their own skin. Thankfully, jocks allow you to feel just that! In part because of how sexy they make your junk and ass look, and partly because you're wearing something that reminds yourself: I'm worth being lusted after.

If you've ever tried on a jock, you know that feeling of naughtiness that comes from knowing that no one but you knows that you're wearing a jock. It is a level of confidence that can inspire you to challenge yourself to get out of your comfort zone and make major moves in your personal and professional lives.

Makes That Ass & Package Perky

Jockstraps are essentially a push-up bra for your dick. They keep your friends snug and tight and lift up your package up providing a nice and shaping look that few other things (especially boxers).

The two straps also push and accentuate your buns, meaning that you'll look like a juicy peach wherever you go in whatever you wear.

Spices Up Your Sex Life

It is no surprise that jockstraps and seduction have gone hand-in-hand for gay men for quite some time. First, there is that whole tied to athletics thing that tends to get people hot and bothered, but furthermore, jockstraps are the male equivalent of a really stunning pair of lingerie for women.

They provide sexual partners with a visually stimulating experience that is varied and different than just the normal boxers or briefs. Jockstraps come in various forms: lace, latex, sheer, mesh, etc. meaning that they can be switched to match the wearer's sexual appetites.

If you throw on a jock, you'll be surprised how many more boys will want to rip them off with their teeth.

They're Multi-Purposed

If you've ever tried to jog, play tennis, or essentially do anything athletic in boxers, you know how painful that bouncing feeling your balls experience can be. Throwing on a jock can keep your buddies safe as you go through your athletic exercises throughout the day.

Then feel free to keep your jock on while you get out on the dance floor with your friends and potentially take home a cute guy from the bar. Day to nightwear? Yup, jocks truly can do it all.

Keeps You Safe And Lets Your Body Breathe

While compression shorts are an alternative to jockstraps they're more constricting. Jockstraps lack of fabric on your booty means less ingrown hairs, and butt acne, since the skin has more opportunity to breathe.

Jockstraps are great if you have a knack for getting bumps and rashes on your booty because no rubbing of fabric on fabric! Essentially, jockstraps keep your booty smooth and your balls right and tight-- what is not to love?