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They exist. A rare species of men but they’re out there somewhere lurking in the bars you frequent or the dance floors you swear your pain out on. Sex gods are the ones who make you wet just thinking about them. How do you spy them in their natural habitat, you ask?

Well, here are 6 signs that he is a Sex God.

1. No unsolicited nudes


Unsolicited nudes are not the cutest things in the world. There are some who enjoy them, but a Sex God wouldn’t send these because that gives away everything too quickly. Without leaving anything to the imagination, things quickly become boring and standardized. He may send you a tease photo to sparkle your imaginations but sending straight nudes would just be too basic for a Sex God.

2. Asks and listens to your sexual fantasies


Even a Sex God cannot read minds. If he thinks he knows how to please everyone with the same techniques, then he still has some evolution to do before he becomes a Sex God. A Sex God would ask and listen to your desires in order to fully please you. This will allow him to curtail his methods to your desires.

3. He somehow knows your body better than you do


For some strange reason, the Sex God knows all the right places to touch you and uses just the right amount of tongue and teeth. After some time, he seems to know how to please you more than you do. Don’t even question it and just go along for the ride. If you do make suggestions to him for future improvements, he will be right on it for the next rounds of fun.

4. When you close your eyes, his image comes up


During your alone fun times, you may find yourself subconsciously typing in your porn site of choice onto the search bar. However, after meeting this Sex God, you may simply close your eyes, see his image, and find yourself aroused. It’s because he has done such justice to your body that he always leaves you wanting more.

5. Every time is different


There’s no one routine that describes your time with a Sex God. This is because a Sex God deliberately changes things up when they’re in bed. You might try to guess what he will do but you might as well give up. The best thing about your time with him is that you don’t know what will happen next but you know it will be good.

6. Goes with your flow


He is constantly alert of the vibe in the room. He won’t ever make you have sex with him if you’re not in the mood to do so. However, if you’re down for something kinkier, he is always ready to experiment. Whether he is leading or not, he always makes sure all parties are well satisfied.

Now you know the key characteristics of a Sex God. What are you waiting for? Go hunt yourself a Sex God!

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