There are some of you that will never have to go through this and for that, be grateful. For the rest of the population, cheating.... it's the worst, right? Thinking your someone's one and only then finding out they were stepping out behind your back to do the nasty with one (or more) guys. It is a shame that some have to go through this because their partners are trash, but there are some telltale signs to catch a cheater before it goes on too long. So if you start to notice your man doing any of the following, ask him what's good. And if it's all bad - leave his ass and move on!

1. Disinterest in Sex

We get it. Not everyone is always in the mood, but if that goes on for months, years? There is something else going on with your man that you need to get to the bottom of. While it could be something they're going through, it could also be a sign that they aren't sleeping with you because they're out there sleeping with other people and likely do not want to blow their cover by bringing home any type of evidence of the sort. So if it's been a minute since you two last got it on, ask them what's going on. Get to the bottom of why y'all aren't smashing... before the whole thing crashes and burns.

2. Strange Texts

We have all done this, accidentally texted someone something that was not meant for them. Only, it is usually something meant for a friend that we send to our mom. Awkward. Even more awkward, getting a weird or sexual text from your guy out of nowhere and them frantically having to explain why they sent that to you. If that wasn't meant for you, who the hell were they texting that to in the first place? Suspect him, and then inspect him.

3. Change of Mood

Sometimes cheaters can go about their regular lives with absolutely no change in how they treat those around them. Others will start to change a bit either because they know what they're doing is wrong, or they're lashing out at you because you're asking one too many questions about what they did last night. When really, you just wanted to know what he did last night because you're a caring boyfriend. Make sure to note that irrational behavior and/or mood swings before it's too late.

4. Hiding Their Phone

Our phones are basically an extension of us. As sad as that is, it's totally true. So when your man starts keeping his phone under lock and key, some bells and whistles should start to go off. No one is that way with their phone unless they're hiding something OR they just bought a new, expensive one and don't have a case for it yet.

5. Disappearing Act

Like we just said, our phones are always on us. Even at work people still check their feeds and texts. So there's no real excuse as to why it'd take more than 24 hours to reach your man. So if they start going MIA, being unreachable, and giving you tall tales about why they couldn't answer a text or call from you, start asking the big questions and get those answers.

6. Lying

This is obvious but if someone can lie about the littlest of things, do not assume they can't lie about bigger issues. Put honesty out on the table, and if they can't partake in the feast, check them for it. Lying is the last straw and it sucks.