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Article by Kendra Beltran

When it comes to the dating pool, you can't go wrong with a little Irishman in your life. I mean, have you seen what the likes of Michael Fassbender is working with? And we are not talking about his acting chops - if you know what we mean. What we mean is that he is packing major heat below the belt. Who would have guessed that Irish men are well endowed like that? Well, that is not the only thing you will learn here today. Keep on going to find out the ins and outs of dating an Irish man. Spoiler - they are not all as great as Fassbender's member.

Family First

Irish men typically come with a huge family. That is just how they roll. Which means if you get serious, you've gotta be prepared to know not only his parentals' and siblings' names, but aunts', uncles', and every other human in their bloodline. While that can be overwhelming, it is also comforting to know that he comes from a strong support system that ultimately means he's loyal AF.

Beach Day Problems

Guys who basically have Ireland running through their veins are not the best when it comes to pigmentation. They may be oozing sex, but the are also pale with a capital P. With that you get a guy who is likely never going to suggest a trip to the Caribbean. We all have to be careful when it comes to being in the sun, but white folks - Irish folks in particular - need to have SPF 175. So if your man happens to be Irish, don’t plan any vacations where the sun is shining 24/7.

Not All is Red

When you think of an Irish guy, you automatically imagine a redhead. Yes, many Irish guys have a fiery crown on top and downstairs, but not all of them are. So if red is not your color but you still want to have pillow talk with a hot ass Irish guy, you are in luck. Don't believe us? Um, Jamie Dornan and Colin Farrell are both non-ginger Irish gawds.

Rebel Rebel

They call them the Fighting Irish for nothing. Hot tempers have gotten Irishmen a bit of a bad rap over the years but when you see the likes of UFC's Conor McGregor, you get it. So do not be surprised when they show up with a little attitude or if they wind up in the back of a cop car at the end of a night out drinking. But in hindsight, most Irishmen are more bark than bite. Unless you’re into that sort of thing. You naughty!

Left in Stitches

No, no, no. Some Irish guys may have bad tempers but that was not where we were going here. Irishmen are more than likely to leave you in stitches because they are fucking hilarious! Everyone from late night's Conan O'Brien to our favorite Marvel zaddy Ryan Reynolds are living, funny as hell proof.

Beer Bellies

Irishmen love their pints. Heineken did not come from outta nowhere honey. So when you date a man with Irish blood, you better learn how to handle your liquor because they were born with the ability to close the bar down. And if you know what is good for you, you are going to want to brush up on your IPAs and all that good stuff so they don’t suspect you have no idea what you’re talking about. To us a great beer is a great beer, but to them - it is personal.

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